Ultimate Fighting Championship

Transforming an industry by building a new brand on a new platform.

The Journey

Since 2004 Getfused has provided the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) with innovative technical and marketing solutions that helped drive the incredible mixed martial arts (MMA) industry growth while contributing to professionalizing the transforming sport. In 2016 the UFC was purchased for 4 billion dollars.

Our collaborative successes

  • Provided the UFC with their first content management platform that additionally supported the international UFC websites as well as provided in-depth content distribution network (CDN) integrations to support their live events.
  • Developed an International digital strategy as the UFC presence became known worldwide. We performed in-depth research to create a plan for content, domain structure, and geo-targeting to communicate optimal and timely content to the right audience in each target country
  • Designed UFCFans, the first 10-foot view mobile app for the MMA world, bringing users watching the fight into an interactive space where they could see the live play by play metrics data in a new way and provide their own opinions and react to a fight as it happened.
  • Helped UFC create a Commercial PayPerView (PPV) department that supported national and international sports bars in helping create brand awareness and value.
  • UFC Bar finder website that allowed anticipating viewers to find a local bar where they could watch the fight, invite friends and provide value to participating sports fans. This strategic initiative enabled the Commercial PPV team to better leverage in Commercial PPV sales and provided a useful tool to fans.
  • Leveraging Twitter's Firehose, we developed a set of tools that helped the Piracy division to cut down on stolen content and provided the Commercial PPV team potential business development opportunities.

Example display of the UFC website on both Tablet and Mobile devices