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Resource Solutions created a staffing platform called TalentSource. This application had grown and evolved in the decade following the original development into a sprawling platform that served all stages of the recruiting lifecycle. An evolutionary iteration to modernize the user experience, provide design consistency, and reduce development overhead was badly needed.


To bring consistency to a sprawling platform and better position the system for growth, Getfused created a design system. This served as a framework for quickly designing and developing high-quality user interfaces by defining standards across all levels of the interface from the core UI components to visual styles straight through to front end code.

Our UX team assembled components from the design system to wireframe key screens. These wireframes were used for user acceptance testing and to gather feedback from stakeholders. In addition to completely revamping the desktop views, we introduced Tablet and Mobile views to accommodate the needs of traveling recruiters.

  • User Interface Design
  • Visual Design
  • Interactive Wireframe Prototypes
  • Design System
  • Front End Development

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