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Learn how your website is turning people away

Creating a great website is an iterative process. Over time, new insights are gained and goals shift. A great exercise in an iterative design process is having our expert UX team independently review your site and identify opportunities to optimize your potential for revenue.

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Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Take stock of what you have to identify pain points or missing content/features that cause user frustration and lost revenue.

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Improve Brand Identity

Find outdated components that don't conform to modern best practices and identify opportunities to enhance the experience for your visitors.

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Efficiently Manage Content

Step back and look at how things have grown organically within the structure that was initially defined. Use this data to better inform current efforts and future planning.

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When should you get a UX Review?

  • If you are considering a redesign. A good iteration will learn from past mistakes; this is impossible if you don't make note of pain points in your current web presence. By auditing your user experience, designers can enter the next interation armed with the knowledge they need to avoid falling into the same traps of the previous version.
  • If you have design concepts but have not yet entered development. Examining and refining design mockups is always cheaper than fixing something after it's been built. An hour in photoshop is 10 hours in code.
  • If you are an agency or freelance designer who wants an extra pair of eyes to come in fresh and make sure the project is moving in the right direction before presenting it to your client.

What's in the report?

  • Identified issues with detailed descriptions and annotated screenshots. Issues are categorized by component, violated heuristic, and ranked by severity for easy prioritization within an iterative process.
  • Guidance for solving every issue using established conventions and design patterns. We don't simply point out problems, we use our experience from building 100's of sites to provide actionable recommendations.
  • Education, tools, and resources for integrating UX thinking into your organization to avoid repeating past mistakes and to enable self-evaluations in the future. 

Solutions for Every Budget

+ Accessibility Audit Add-on

Everyone wins when we make content more accessible.

  • You get access to a wider audience when your design doesn't leave anyone out; people with disabilities will be able to use it and the experience for all visitors will be smoother.
  • Search engines will be able to scrape more content, aiding SEO efforts to drive more traffic to your site.

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