Spartan Chemical


Spartan Chemical Company is an international business that provides cost-effective cleaning services, products, and system solutions. They were looking to organize and simplify their collection of websites, portals, and apps supporting their janitorial services agency component. We helped them create a unified user experience that would be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of tasks, use cases, and multilingual audiences as well as to grow with the business.


With so many technologies to build, upgrade, and support, we needed to create a design system; a framework for designing and developing user interfaces quickly and with high quality. We worked with Spartan Chemical to establish a pattern library, create and test wireframes for usability and flow, then design unified experiences for managers, employees, and end users.


  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Consulting & Strategy
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • System UI & Visual Design
  • Front End Development

It was critical to establish a reliable set of standards for a consistent Spartan Chemical user experience as well as to reduce design, development, and maintenance efforts. We leveraged their existing web style guide to create easy-to use solutions with a fresh look and feel and a focus on usability.


  • Unified user experience across portals & apps
  • ISSA Innovation Award in Service and Technology
  • Improved usability and efficiency
  • Reduced development costs

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