Tips from the Getfused Partners

2017 Resolutions Revealed

1/10/2017 Announcements

Now sporting a 20 year portfolio, Getfused enters the New Year confident in growth and success. With each new year bringing new accomplishments, Getfused recognizes the need to stay both grounded and focused in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. The closing of the year sent the partners into reflection on both the triumphs and challenges of 2016; what worked, what didn’t, what was accomplished this past year, and what’s to be achieved in the coming year. As they share their perspective on making changes and adapting to market trends, it is our hope to inspire our clients and partners to the best practices for a prosperous 2017.


TIP: As an owner, spend the right amount of time working on the business versus for the business.  It’s easy to get lost in the day to day.  Step back, breathe, clear your head and rock it forward.

‘Technology is not a crutch for poor process’ has been one of my favorite mantras shared with our clients over the years. In 2016, roles reversed and Getfused found itself the recipient and not the prescriber of this parlance, forcing our approach to client support and project management to develop for the sake of evolving needs. We had been using a popular software developer platform for issue and project tracking.  However, it has always been assumed that the platform would fill the gaps in our organically evolving process.  The gaps eventually became chasms, as we relied on the platform to connect-the-dots of our process.    Taking a dose of our own medicine, we embarked on an initial discovery with every stakeholder in the company identifying how we handle client support requests and project management while remaining tool agnostic. The results produced a singular process, defined (and adopted) by the entire team.  We are now positioned to tailor and re-introduce technology to bring efficiencies to an already proven process.

TIP:  Review and harden-off processes with stakeholder participation prior to selecting and/or deploying a technology platform. You will find the adoption rate is sky high when the technology is cleanly aligned with how your teams naturally perform their work. 

Thinking retrospectively about 2016, I’d consider the idiom better is the enemy of good. This aphorism can be applied almost universally to decision making. Delaying for a mythical better time simply leads to lost opportunities, additional stress, or failure to act. A parallel is the fail fast strategy of rapidly trying an idea, receiving feedback, and adapting it. Once started, striving for a perfect solution instead of a reasonable one is equally destructive, wasting time and opportunity. 

TIP:  Finish what you start, and start as soon as possible.

Getfused has come a long way in the past 6 years since moving to Boston. With the rapid growth of our company, the thing that we can never get enough of is effective communication. In 2017 we are making positive changes that will improve our communication between offices and will give each member a chance to learn something new. This coming year we are creating work groups of people from different skill sets to accomplish various goals, improving our video conferencing abilities through advanced hardware, and delivering revamped training sessions on communication tools such as Jira. 

TIP:  Communication is something that can always be improved, internally and externally.  When working with external vendors, acknowledge that they are a part of your team and try to have a weekly regroup.  


We look forward to the year ahead and the progress that is to come. Cheers to 2017!