What Is Brand Marketing?

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Despite how often the term is used amongst marketing professionals, you may still find yourself asking – “what is brand marketing?” Brand Marketing is a promotional strategy that emphasizes a company’s unique brand identity when marketing a product or service. The ultimate goal of a campaign is to build brand awareness around a business, its product offerings, or its overall mission. It can also be effective in exposing your brand to new audiences, inspiring customer loyalty, and generating better customer engagement overall.

What Does Branding Mean?

Creating a brand entails crafting a distinct image and value for your business to make emotional connections with your audience. You start with competitive analysis, which will help your business identify its value proposition in the market. A value proposition is the value your business promises to deliver to customers who buy from you. This proposition is a statement of intent within your company and to your intended marketplace.

The benefits found in a value proposition statement are tangible and intangible, along with the approximate price you will charge each customer. How much your product costs versus how much value you give your customers is key to attracting attention to your brand. You need to offer your customers a different value than competitors to differentiate your business from them. In making a value proposition, you tell a story about why your product or services are different, the value of your products, and the benefits of your products for your customers. Marketing is telling a brand’s products or services’ story while emphasizing the brand identity. Brand identity is knowing who you are as a business. Brand marketing is telling people about your brand.

Why Is Branding Important?

“What is the major objective of brand marketing,” should be the next question you ask when creating your strategy. Branding is a crucial tool to help differentiate your business or product from competitors. While branding is essential for building customer loyalty, you don’t inspire customer loyalty without building credibility first. To be credible, you need quality, trust, and authority for your product. To create trust between your business and your customers, you need to have a quality brand backed up with great products, great customer service, and a positive, lasting impression you are subject-matter experts in your market. Your brand recognition, customer retention, and sales follow your reputation. To be successful in branding, you need to identify the value proposition such as what value and beliefs your company has and what sets your brand apart from other competitors in quality, market authority, trust, and worth in exchange for the cost.

Why You Need A Brand Style Guide

What Are Brand Attributes?

When we look at branding in the context of marketing, the most critical attribute of branding is consistency in messaging across different marketing channels. You may be talking to different audiences about certain products or services, but you still want to represent your brand visually and philosophically the same. Consistency in messaging and voice and tone in these factors are essential to your business to show your customers what the brand is and what you are trying to portray to your audiences. One way to have consistency in your brand attributes is by using consistent logos, colors, fonts, and tone of voice presented across all touch-points. Your touch-points are social media, emails, websites, and other marketing materials. You need to have an identical tone of voice across these different marketing channels. After establishing consistency, you should consider three things to target your audience through brand marketing:


Demographics refer to factors such as age, gender, race, location, etc. Demographic data also refers to socioeconomic information including employment, education, and income.


Psychographics are customer lifestyles, interests, values, and behaviors. Buying habits, preferences, and challenges make up psychographics. Attitudes and aspirations also make up psychographics in brand marketing.


When you develop brand marketing, you want your customers to remember your business and your brand. Conveying authority about your product or service, as well as your industry or niche, is critical for brand marketing. For example, if you are selling environmentally friendly products, you should be authoritative about how you implement environmentally friendly policies in creating your product and how your policies affect the environment.

The key to great brand marketing is to tell a compelling story. Creating a vision of how your product will help your customers is part of your brand marketing storytelling. You need to create a long-term customer vision with your brand marketing strategy. Developing a longer-term vision for a campaign is important because a long-term plan builds upon itself, generating more customer interest and greater sales as time goes on.

Final Thoughts on Branding in Marketing

Marketing can help your business create and foster customer loyalty. Through developing a brand marketing strategy, you tell a story about why your product or services give value to your customers. At Getfused, we understand how infusing branding in marketing can help you tell your brand’s story and uphold your company’s brand identity. To earn your customers’ trust, you need to create a quality brand marketing plan backed up with great customer service and positive, lasting impressions as subject-matter experts in your market. Our Getfused professionals will help you identify the value proposition of your brand, such as your company philosophies and beliefs that set your brand apart from other competitors in quality, market authority, trust, and worth for your customers.

Branding With Getfused

Our consistency in messaging, voice, and tone across touch-points is essential to your business to show your customers what your brand is to your audience. We want your customers to remember your business and your brand, and we help you create a vision of how your product will help your customers as part of your brand marketing storytelling. Developing a winning brand marketing strategy for your business is our priority at Getfused. Contact us today to get started!

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