Don’t Worry About Scrolling

The fold isn't more important than clean design

Our clients often emphasize the need to fit their most important content at the top of the page. This part of a page, which is visible without scrolling, is often referred to as “above the fold,” a holdover term from the newspaper-publishing days when the most important stories needed to be on the cover and immediately visible.

In a modern world, this design is a necessity of the past. Although reputable during the early days of the Internet, when mice that were not yet equip with scroll wheels, so scrolling was somewhat difficult and burdensome, this same act now only takes the flick of a finger, on either a scroll wheel or a touch screen. The convenience of fast scrolling has made designing with the fold in mind unnecessary. We say ditch the cluttered fold-design where there is competition for users’ attention, and instead generate a site where information is prioritized. By allowing users to scroll through your page, they are able to tell your story, focus on one topic at a time, and create a clear call to action.

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