Development Tip of the Month: December

Your Website's Message to the World

12/15/2016 Development

A business is always changing as it continually strives to pursue improvement; it’s crucial that while the business is altering, its website also reflects these adaptations! Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous and getting better year after year, making website navigation easier. The time between thinking to look up something and actively engaging with it on a tiny screen is shrinking. There are going to be eyes on your website from every source; it’s important that it looks like somebody is home and expecting guests when they arrive! 

Some of our clients naturally have regular content to post, like news, blogs, or FAQs by virtue of their specialization, while other clients don’t have such luxuries; what do you do if your business or organization falls into this category? Make sure your website always reflects your most up to date vision. Start out small with things like copy updates, rewrites, simplifications, new images or galleries, especially on the prominent gallery slideshows on homepages. Once the small changes are mastered, then move to bigger things. Is there a page or section you could add, remove, or re-work? Consider adding some sort of content feed (news, blogs, FAQs, etc.) if you don’t have one already. Occasionally touch up the design; you want your website to feel lived-in, however big or small.  When you do make these changes, your website will feel less like a fancy, unchanging sign and more like a space that is alive with activity. Think of the difference in the way you perceive an app which gets regular updates vs one which hasn’t been touched in years.

Using analytics, you can gain insights into how well these different changes perform. Homepage updates could increase site traffic, an updated contact page could clear up visitor confusion, a new FAQ page could reduce customer inquiries. It’s important to keep in mind that changes could also have the opposite effect! Hopefully not, but it’s possible! That’s why it’s imperative to use analytics in tandem with changes. You always want a direct line of sight into the effects of changes.

Your website is your message to the world; make sure that message is alive and up-to-date!