5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

Showcase your business through the new trend

6/20/2017 Digital Marketing

Images inputted instantly into Instagram. Now, say that 5 times fast.  No really, say it and think about in that time how many friends, bloggers, organizations, and businesses are using their Instagram accounts to not just share their personal interests, but to leverage others to view their profile…in just a few seconds.  In the past few years, Instagram has stepped up their game with features like album posts, Stories (we approve the copycat approach), LIVE, the ability to tag an account on your Instagram story, and the linking of hashtags; making the capability of leveraging these tools to captivate your audience, that much easier.  

We’ve created a list of 5 ways to showcase your business – specifically through the new trend of the season; your Instagram Story:

1.    Get up close and personal

  • Social media in general is very personal.  People show off their clothing, food, even bad hair days, so why not use it get up close and personal with your products! This is a great time to zoom in, literally, on your products whether it be your new coffee line, a new t-shirt brand, or even a close up of a puppy’s face at your animal shelter. Many customers want to see a preview of what they are buying before actually make the purchase. So, throw on that awesome hat you’re selling and shoot a short video – giving your customers a preview of what the hat can look like on them.

2.    Tell your story

  • This is your chance to showcase some company history and where it all began.  Interviews are a great tool. Go around to some of your employees or even the founders who have been there from the very beginning and ask them their story; where are you from? What idea sparked the beginning of this company? Move on to making a little collage of old photos or products, and tell your viewers how far your business has come over the years.

3.    Make personal Connections

  • Connect with your viewers! This has to do with the new features that Instagram has rolled out including the new tagging feature on Stories.  This is a great way to engage your audience by using a photo they have tagged you in and posting it on your story, tagging their handle, and thus giving them 24 hours of fame!  They will be so excited to show all their friends that they have some type of “in” with your company. And hey, maybe they’ll return the favor! Mi followers es su followers. Engaging with your followers also encourages tagging and tagging on other pages to create an even more expanded audience. 

4.    Go LIVE!

  • Even though it seems intimidating – this is one of the best ways to engage your audience.  They get to see exactly what is going on at your company, event, or daily happenings.  Going LIVE can be for giving real time updates, showing your company atmosphere, or even to show the fun people who are the brains of the operation.  We encourage that you form a game plan ahead of what you’re going to cover, how it will flow, and who will be in the shot.  So, throw your most entertaining employee in front of the camera and let your audience enjoy, ask questions, and engage.

5.    Let your audience sell you with a Take Over

  • Ever heard of a take-over? This is when you give a gung-ho fan or an Instafamous blogger who uses your product/service, your username and password and let them take over your Instagram story for the day!  They can give your followers a “day in the life” of what it is like using your product.  Not only will viewers be interested because you have a “celebrity” on your story, but this way they will pay a little more attention since it is a change of pace for your typical Story.

The key to audience engagement on Instagram Stories is to mix it up and take risks! One day showcase your break room, the next get up close and personal with your new product, then switch over to a day of take-overs!  Keeping your brand fun and exciting is what will keep an audience engaged and wanting to keep viewing more.

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