Katie Cronauer

Marketing Analyst

After some twists and turns took her career from archaeological digs, to a college career center, to completing her MBA, to a tech start-up, Katie came to Getfused in Boston to solve problems and help our team and our clients be their best. As our Marketing Analyst, Katie advises companies on how to measure, track, and improve their website and marketing strategies so they get the biggest return on investment. She enjoys engaging with our clients and listening to their questions, concerns, and goals so she can better understand their needs and help them identify paths forward.

Katie loves a challenge, whether taking on outdoor adventures or digging into research questions and wonky anomalies. Her passion for research, fascination with human behavior, and drive to help others helps her understand and analyze how people interact with brands in the digital space. This enables our clients to optimize their budgets, improve their performance, and build better relationships with their audiences. She thrives on learning new things and the feeling of solving a frustrating problem, so she’s always ready to help our clients and provide feedback.

Katie's Blog Posts