Dan Burke

UX Strategist

Dan is the User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture master at Getfused; he spends his days making websites easy and intuitive to use. A humble beginning of learning HTML to make the coolest Myspace profile out there has led to a career crafting amazing experiences for our clients. Dan’s work spans every department; from business analysis to user interface design to development and more. UX is the natural progression of his personal passions. Years of building bike jumps and carving trails between them taught him that a smooth flow brings more speed which leads to a better experience (more airtime)! He’s applied those same lessons to creating attractive websites with a smooth and enjoyable UX that quickly converts visitors into customers.

Don’t be deterred by what he calls his “angry resting face syndrome” – Dan loves helping people out and tackling new problems. He has a soft spot for dogs; maybe the only thing that can soften his angry resting face. He’s also inspired by the beauty of nature, and he enjoys going on hikes to admire the small details that turn every “boring” patch of undergrowth or boulder into its own world. This attention to detail is a key part in producing great user experiences.

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