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Five Questions to Dive Deeper

When we’re getting to know a client, we’ll often ask an eclectic mix of questions – both serious and humorous – to get a better sense of their goals and the brand they want to convey. You might be confused by some of these questions, but just like with speed dating or icebreakers, sometimes the strangest-sounding questions give the most revealing and interesting responses. These questions can help you spend some time reflecting on who your brand is, or maybe who you want it to be, and identify opportunities to better reflect the core of your brand persona:

If you had to pick a theme song for your brand, which song would it be?

Songs have the strange power to, with a simple line or melody, represent something much bigger or more complex. They can instantly trigger an action, thoughts of a person or event, images of a TV show… For example, sing the opening line of the Friends theme song in a crowded room, and a whole bunch of people – even some who’ve never watched an episode – will respond with the iconic *clapclapclapclap*. This question asks you to do the opposite: consider the essential characteristics of your brand, and then condense that complexity into something more straightforward that symbolizes who you are and who your brand is.

What makes a great clientele?

A brand isn’t all about you and your values or goals – it’s also about what sets your clientele apart from the rest of the population. For new businesses, who are you hoping to reach? For established companies, what do you value about your current clientele? Is your aim to push a product or build loyal, long-lasting relationships? Knowing your customers is and always will be important.

In single words, describe…

Brands can be multifaceted and complicated, but you should be able to think about the core of your brand straightforwardly. Precisely what we ask our clients to describe will vary from client to client and based on our clients’ goals. But using single words to describe some part of your brand or goals will help you distill the essential qualities.

What makes your brand stand out over your competition?

It’s important to determine what value you hold in the market. Thinking about what sets you apart from your competition will also help you think about at least two things: what you do well, and ways you could improve. This is a great general question for you to consider for your brand and keeps you thinking about both the big picture and the small details.

List two characters that come to mind when you think of your brand and explain why.

This is a fun way to think about the human traits a brand might possess. Iconic characters from movies, cartoons, or TV shows present archetypes and characteristics you might want your brand to embody. This outside-the-box question helps us get to know your brand inside and out in a unique way.

We cater these getting-to-know-you questions specifically to each client to create a thorough picture of who the client is, what his or her goals are, and what makes the brand unique. With a careful mix of serious or logistical questions, personal questions, and fun questions, we can unpack each layer of your brand and figure out how best to represent it in the digital space.

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