Spartan Chemical

Clean UX for Everyone

The Challenge

Spartan Chemical approached us with the task of organizing and simplifying their collection of applications that support the janitorial services agency component of their international business. With multiple websites, portals, and apps needed to serve a large customer base and a diverse audience, we needed to create a unified user experience that would be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of tasks and use cases and to grow with the business.

Our Approach

Design System

With so many technologies to build, upgrade, and support, we knew we couldn’t hand-craft custom solutions for every design problem. We needed to establish a reliable set of standards to provide a consistent experience for users and to reduce design and development efforts. Getfused created a design system. A design system is a framework for designing and developing user interfaces quickly and with high-quality by defining standards across all levels of the interface:

  • Our UX team created a pattern library to document UI components and the best practices for leveraging them within a layout.
  • Our visual designers leveraged the existing Spartan Chemical web style guide to apply a new look and feel over the pattern library with a focus on usability within an application. While the needs for marketing collateral and a utilitarian system are very different, we recognize the importance of a consistent brand experience that will accommodate both.
  • Our front-end team developed CSS and HTML components to allow new pages and prototypes to be quickly assembled using pieces from the pattern library.

With a design system established, we created wireframes to demonstrate how to leverage the components on key screens to ensure that the most important user flows were well-supported.

User Testing

It’s always cheaper to redesign than to rebuild. Knowing this, we created interactive wireframe prototypes to allow for user acceptance testing. Spartan Chemical recruited real users to serve as test subjects who were given a set of tasks to attempt within the proposed interface. Lessons learned in the usability tests informed decisions for an iterative round of design of the page layouts before moving on to development.

Spartan Pattern Library displaying  the Buttons section with examples of primary and secondary buttons as well as notes on how the buttons would be used within the design system.

Our Solutions

CompuClean Logo


CompuClean Management Portal

With the CompuClean portal we designed, managers can oversee all relevant information and tasks for the business. We created an interactive and customizable dashboard to allow users to quickly see important stats about their jobs to be done, buildings, and employees. Challenges included modernizing the UI without drastically altering workflows, creating a responsive interface for data-heavy tables and calendars, and leveraging existing frameworks to reduce development complexity.

CompuClean Customer Portal & Mobile App

In addition to the ERP system for internal use, we also helped create a web portal and mobile app for Spartan Chemical’s end customers to report and monitor work requests. With a design system already established, we were able to quickly iterate on these customer-facing tools and provide recommendations for leveraging the Ionic Framework to create a cross-platform mobile app without undertaking a long and expensive development process.

Dashboard of CompuClean Management Portal.  Filters for date, Building and User display at the top.  The Dashboard is a two column display. In the left column is information about Quality Inspections and Projects.  In the right column is information about Corrective Actions, Work Requests and Capital Equipment.

CleanCheck Training System Logo


CleanCheck Training Portal & Custom CMS

Getfused assisted in conceptualizing and designing an employee training system. Training and quality control are a huge challenge in an industry with high turnover rates and a target audience often with low technical literacy and English as a second language. The goal of the CleanCheck training system was to make cleaning simple, even in complex situations such as health care facilities.

After designing the training portal, we helped create an admin solution for managers that would use the portal to conduct training sessions. We defined functional requirements and designed the user interface for a custom CMS to manage training courses and build exams. The tool also enables the management of trainees and their certifications.

Example Course page for the CleanCheck Training system.  All Chapters for the course display on the left hand navigation.  Videos and resource display in the main content area in the center.  Tests, certificates and Reference materials display in the right column.