Resource Solutions

A fresh UX iteration for an aging enterprise platform

The Challenge

Edgewater came to Getfused to fill the UX role in a large application redesign project. The client, Resource Solutions, had worked with Edgewater Fullscope to create a staffing platform called TalentSource many years prior. In the decade following the original development, the application had grown and evolved, but they were beginning to reach the limit of what can be accomplished through incremental updates. A full iteration was needed. Our goal was to balance implementing the best UX by using modern conventions and keeping the transition easy for a large international user base that had used the existing platform for years. Worldwide adoption came with the added challenge of creating a flexible user interface that could accommodate language translation.

How We Saw It

The application was broken down into 8 modules that served every step of the staffing process: from applicants submitting their resume, to recruiters comparing candidates and conducting interviews, straight through to employees punching their time. With so many distinct tasks and audience segments, the project needed to be broken into smaller sprints to focus on a few users and tasks at a time. The overarching goals were simplicity and consistency.

Our Solution

Pattern Library

A decade of iterations and evolutions had led to inconsistencies in the UI and often resulted in duplicated development and support efforts. To better set up the client for growth, and to avoid those problems in the future, Getfused assembled a pattern library to document components and the best practices for leveraging them. Our designers created a new visual design for the application and applied this new look and feel over the pattern library. Then, the front-end team developed CSS and HTML components to allow new pages and prototypes to be quickly assembled using the pattern library.

User Interface

The UX team used the pattern library to wireframe key screens and flows to demonstrate the new user interface to stakeholders and to be used as collateral for user acceptance testing. In addition to completely revamping the desktop views, we introduced Tablet and Mobile views. Wireframed interfaces included:
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Document and information management
  • Candidate comparison
  • Timesheet entry and approval
  • Advanced Search tools