Needham Bank

A Unified Story for a Thriving Community Bank

The Challenge

Getfused initially launched a new web presence for Needham Bank in 2013. Since that time, Needham Bank has gone through measurable growth. That growth has occurred through openings of new banking centers in Dover, Ashland, Millis, and Natick as well as with the additions of a new loan center and an operations center to their main campus in Needham. In 2017, deposits increased with assets nearing $2 billion as of year-end 2017.

The web presence scaled through the years, meeting the demands of this rapidly growing bank. However, in 2016 we performed a routine user experience (UX) review indicating that we would need to revisit the underlying site architecture. Along with a desire to update the website to better match their advertising brand presence, there was a strong desire on the part of Needham Bank to bring banking websites into ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance. As a result, in early 2017 we began the overhaul of their web presence. 

Our Solution


Redefining the Site Structure

As part of our UX evaluation, we provided recommendations for a new architectural diagram that simplifies navigation tremendously, especially for the growing number of mobile users. Content definitions were developed for the 15+ content entry types (i.e. products, locations, staff, news, rates, etc.) to be managed by the bank. Getfused also created a content mapping for existing content (web and print) to the new proposed site map, allowing us to define content that needed to be migrated, brand-aligned or, in some cases, created. 


A Path for Every User

We worked closely with the Needham Bank team to create a set of wireframe prototypes that allowed us to visualize the common tasks performed by each user group and ensure a positive experience for all. During this process, we defined navigation systems and screen flow, thought through the position and placement of information across pages, and provided template views for both desktop, table, and mobile. 


New Page Templates to Meet New Needs

Each existing page template was refreshed, and new page templates were developed to utilize a long scroll, panel-driven format that is ideal for mobile visitors. Getfused also developed a series of design comps that illustrated an evolution of the web brand. The new designs reflect Needham Bank’s evolved approach to marketing by shying away from traditional community bank promotions and messaging. 


Streamlining Technology

Getfused architected a simplified deployment of the existing CMS platform that the bank was using. Simplifying the code allows us to work on a recurring basis with Needham Bank to quickly add technical features that assist in the promotion and adoption of new banking products. Complex third-party platform integrations that were a part of the original site, such as video delivery and financial calculators, were re-evaluated and a streamlined with the introduction of newer compliant and flexible services. 

A Secure and Compliant Deployment

The Needham Bank website is now compliant with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. Getfused deployed the site on our enterprise content management system, on our secure, secluded and fully managed datacenter environment, designed specifically for security, complexity, and performance. Utilizing our content distribution network (CDN) provides optimal accessibility for users while allowing content publishing for time-sensitive content (i.e. rates) using smart caching policies. An independent security company daily audits network infrastructure.


A Consistent Story of Community

We worked with the bank to produce a unique video interviewing Eric Morse, CEO of Needham Bank, to tell the story of their community bank contributing and giving back to the needs of the local communities that they serve. Our creative team worked with Needham Bank in a series of creative workshops to fully understand the direction the brand has taken since the last design. During these workshops, a web-style guide evolved that provided direction for imagery and messaging to be used throughout the site.