A concierge member experience for a top in class biotech council

The Challenge

When MassBio, the country’s leading biotech council, recognized their need for a new website, they came to us for advice. With a sophisticated member CRM and existing event platforms, providing a new site to the biotech giant would not be an average web project. They were seeking a user-friendly, updated site that would provide a “concierge” experience to their large member group, as well as a CMS that would make their lives easier as a large non-profit.

Our Approach

Defining Project Requirements

At first, the MassBio team didn’t have a defined set of expectations for a web project, only a few aspirations. Our team knew that before starting a project of this caliber, we would need to document “current state” conditions before defining specific project requirements, and that would involve getting to know the MassBio’s needs and the needs of their members inside and out.  

A Web Service Experience

The existing members portal was a segregated silo (a.k.a the rabbit hole).  In our eyes, the only way to create a “concierge” experience for members was to bring the member experience across the entire site and forego the separated intranet-like portal.  A web user can perform two high-level actions; “view” and “do.”  It should be easy for members to find information (view – upcoming events) or perform prescribed tasks (do – register for an event). 

Our Solution

Our first step was to spend time with the MassBio team and members to understand the full picture of what they are looking for, what the needs are, and what they don’t like about their current technology. Through this, we created a comprehensive document detailing the technical requirements and baseline recommendations for their new web presence. This part of the project empowered their team to understand what they needed from a technology partner, and ultimately we were chosen to complete the work ahead, and thus the new MassBio website was underway. 

A Velvet Rope Experience

A core piece of this project was removing the “rabbit hole” that was their existing member login features. We chose instead to “velvet-rope” content across the site. This choice meant that if not logged in, you could see titles and abstracts of the rich content, but you had to log in to truly experience the site. Rather than looking at the front end of the site to view events, but then logging in and navigating through a complex portal for the member to add their own event, each interaction on the site could take place seamlessly with the way a member would ordinarily want to work through the website.  The velvet rope also provided potential members with a glimpse of what they could access by joining.

Two Critical Integrations

To improve both the member experience, and the operational tasks for the MassBio team, we integrated our CMS platform with their CRM (Microsoft Dynamics), and their event platform (Event Brite). By creating an integration that allowed two-way syncing, the MassBio team could be assured that both the website and their internal systems would always be updated with the latest information. 

See the Savings 

Getfused lifted the weight of the MassBio team’s regular workload by taking what had been a manually emailed savings report and creating a real-time report that admins of each member company can view on the website to quickly have an idea of the savings their membership to MassBio is providing them.

The Results

This project was not simply a quick website launch or average use of our CMS platform, but the reality was that we had created an entire web services platform for MassBio to manage their digital presence and interactions with their members. Upon launch, Getfused structured an ongoing support role with MassBio, helping maintain/manage the platform and find opportunities for updates and improvements based on how members are using the site. This iterative approach allows us to focus and prioritize updates and enhancement by the value they bring.