The digital foundation of "Love Beer. Love Life."

The Journey

Our relationship with Harpoon began back in 2006 with the first deployment of HarpoonBrewery.com. In the decade and more since we have worked closely with the craft brewery to better engage their fans through their digital presence and make it easy and enticing to be a Friend of Harpoon.

Our Collaborative Successes 

Website x3

We launched websites for Harpoon in 2006, 2012, and 2017, each time considering their current goals and priorities and updating the visual design to current standards. Over the years this also included a redesign of their Harpoon Helps site (a separate nonprofit entity), their online store, and Friends of Harpoon loyalty program.

Beer Finder

If your heart’s desire on a Friday night is to sit at a bar with a cold glass of Harpoon’s latest seasonal beer, what could you do to be sure your destination had the drink on draft? We worked with Harpoon’s Distributor Solution partner to pull information on where each beer was (bar, restaurant, or liquor store) and allow website visitors to search for their favorite beer near them via geolocation or zip. No more sad nights at a bar without your favorite Harpoon beer.

Friend of Harpoon

We took a physical signup and card process and made it easy for their fans to make a “FOH” account right on their website, and pull up their membership card right on their phone for easy access during events.

Marketing Automation and Email

Not only did we design a series of email templates to ensure a consistent brand image across their digital presence, but we also created an entirely custom marketing automation system. Our system allowed them to connect their Friends of Harpoon data with MailChimp to send automated Happy Birthdays, and better yet, emails targeted to a user’s favorite beer, location, events attended, and more. Any piece of data that the team had about a subscriber would allow them to uniquely segment and send targeted messaged to create a personalized Harpoon experience and foster brand loyalty.