Guru Club


As a startup, Guru Club needed a partner that could help them get off the ground with a strong brand foundation while remaining flexible as they refined their business model. This technology disruptor allows brands and customers to collaborate in automated, mutually beneficial micro-endorsement deals. We helped them establish a unique visual brand, define their audiences, and develop powerful messaging and an improved experience for their website and marketing initiatives.

Grid displaying multiple versions of the evolved Guru Club logo. Clockwise from top left: Logo, Horizontal Logo, Word Mark, Brand Mark.
Guru Club brand style guide includes primary and secondary colors as well as defining Monserrat for header text and Roboto for paragraph text


Guru Club turned to Getfused for our expertise in branding, marketing, web design, and user experience. After updating the brand with an evolved logo and color palette, we worked with Guru Club to create a first-generation website to tell the brand story and explain the benefits to both brands and shoppers.


  • Logo Creation 
  • Brand Guide
  • Web Design
  • Email Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Design

After a successful launch of their platform and the new website, Getfused continued to work with the Guru Club team to tighten up email communications and triggers with interested brands and shoppers. As Guru Club has continued to evolve its platform and service offerings, Getfused has continued to provide ongoing UX and design consultation for ensuring the platform is on-brand and user-friendly for all parties involved.