Caffé Nero

Introducing a quality European-style coffee house to a new U.S. market

The Challenge

Caffè Nero, a European coffee house with over 700 Locations worldwide, was making their entrance into the United States with their first store opening in Boston.  In early 2014, Caffè Nero came to Getfused seeking an agency that would protect their brand while effectively introducing it to the United States market, particularly Boston. After a crash course with the Caffè Nero branding team in London, Getfused walked away with a full understanding and appreciation for this family-run coffee house.

Relationship Objective:

  • Brand and social media management.

How We Saw It

Caffè Nero was set to open their first US location in Boston's Downtown Crossing in May 2014

Things We Focused On:

  • Hints of the build out
  • Highlight the European heritage of the brand

Brand Challenges:

  • European, not UK
  • Coffee Masters, not Dunkin Donuts

Our Solution

The Brand Relationship: The UK vs. Boston

We work through monthly social calendars directly alongside their UK based brand team.  While their team provides us with some assets, we are there to add in local content and adjust content to better relate to the Boston audience.  We must take into consideration the goals of the US team (opening locations in rapid succession) as well as the branding needs from the UK Team.

A caffe latte has majority steamed milk, with foam on the top.  A Cappuccino has milk, foam on the top and chocolate on top of the foam.

The Neighborhood

In the beginning, a baseline audience was evident for the downtown coffeehouse: undergraduate students from the two schools within a few blocks.  Today, we have suburban locations and must consider a wide variety of audiences that we need to engage with as each coffeehouse serves a different demographic.  That change has directed us to focus on the neighborhood meeting place that each location can relate to.

Bringing the in-store neighborhood experience back online with wifi landing pages:

  • Provides an opportunity for those on-location to follow our Facebook page
  • Allows us to advertise to those that have visited and turn them into brand loyalists by engaging them outside of the coffeehouse

Each location has a landing page available on tablet and mobile to allow customers to easily engage with the brand by connecting on Facebook and Twitter

The Results

Graph with April 1, 2014 - March 15, 2017 on the X axis and 0 - 5,000 followers (increments of 1,000) on the Y axis.  The graph shows that within the time period displayed, followers increased from 25 in the US to 4,843.

Over the part 3 years, we have increased post engagement through advertising by 287% while only increasing advertising spend by 10.8%. From 1 to now 11 locations. 5+ openings during the remainder of 2017

This translates to a 71.4% decrease in cost per engagement.