Boston Private

Innovative digital banking solutions for building trusted client relationships

The Challenge

Since 2006, Boston Private Bank has trusted Getfused as their partner to bring them forward through the years of booming digital expansion. Since they began working with Getfused, Boston Private has focused their internal strategy on growth and acquisition. During this time, the Getfused team has provided web, mobile, marketing and IT security expertise that has allowed Boston Private to grow digitally as they grew as a company. Today, Getfused continues to be a reliable resource and trusted partner.

Our Solution

2016 Website Design and Infrastructure Upgrade

The 2016 upgrade of the Boston Private website focused on optimizing the current design to be more user friendly and updating their infrastructure for increased reliability as the demand of their website continued to increase. By moving the bank to Getfused's BankCMS, our team helped to ensure the longevity of security and flexibility needs that were unique to the banking industry. By simplifying the navigation labels, updating their ATM search, and making the site mobile responsive, Getfused's updates to the site focused on giving visitors a pleasant and easy interaction with Boston Private. After the redesign, the website saw a 15% increase in page views year over year as users could more easily navigate the site and explore more of Boston Private's offerings. A full site redesign will be the focus over the next year.