Boston Private

Innovative digital banking solutions for building trusted client relationships

The Challenge

Since our partnership began in 2006, Boston Private has trusted Getfused to bring them forward through the years of booming digital expansion. Boston Private’s internal strategy is focused on growth and acquisition. To support this, the Getfused team has provided UX, marketing, and IT security expertise that has allowed Boston Private to grow digitally as they grew as a company. Today, Getfused continues to be their reliable resource and trusted partner.


  • User Experience Consulting & Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability & ADA Audits
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Front End Development

Our Solutions

Iterative Design

Over the course of our working relationship spanning 2 decades, Getfused has partnered with Boston Private to continuously evolve their web presence with major launches in 2006, 2012, and 2017, and countless incremental iterations in between. After the last major redesign in 2017, the website saw a 15% increase in page views year over year as users could more easily navigate the site and explore more of Boston Private's offerings.

Secure Infrastructure

In 2016 we worked with Boston Private’s IT team to update their infrastructure for increased reliability as the demands of their website continued to increase. Our team and secure CMS helped to ensure the longevity of security and flexibility needs that were unique to the banking industry. 

Collaborative Content Creation

We integrated our CMS with Skyword to allow Boston Private’s internal content team and their vendors to collaborate. Articles are authored in one place, synced with the CMS, and then related in wherever they are relevant. Our flexible CMS can match any content manager’s workflow.

The Vault

Boston Private prides itself on being an asset to their clients as trusted experts in banking and wealth management. They came to us expressing a need to share their knowledge. Our solution was The Vault, a section of the site compiling insights in the form of articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars, and events. Some of its highlights:

  • Advanced search and filtering by audience and topic to help people find relevant insights.
  • Content rollups such as the Economic and Market Perspective series and a small business toolkit to provide another lens for users browsing the vault. These also double as marketing collateral.
  • Automated related content based on a post’s topic and audience so users have a clear next step without content managers having to handpick items.
  • Webinars and Events are integrated with Pardot for registration and Wistia for past recordings. This timely content automatically moves between registration statuses and into an archive after the date has passed.
  • Podcasts are automatically pushed to iTunes to help generate leads from people that aren’t visiting the website.

The Why of Wealth

Getfused partnered with Fresh Tilled Soil to build a microsite for sharing client stories, supporting Boston Private’s value proposition of deeply understanding why wealth creation matters to each client. We leveraged the power of our CMS to allow content managers to manage multiple sites and even share content across sites as needed.

Location, location, location

With locations spread across the country, Boston Private needed to provide users with an easy way of learning about their local office online while preserving the personal connection and concierge experience of stopping by a location. Every location has a dedicated page including a map generated by MapBox using Boston Private’s brand styles, and the office manager and important contacts are related in from the staff directory and organized by department. This could be a nightmare for content managers using other systems; on our CMS, all it takes is a few simple clicks. Updates made to employee information are instantly applied across the site – no more worrying about lost inquiries because of an outdated phone number.


Every location and individual has a contact form. This protects Boston Private from spam, allows better measurement of marketing efforts, and helps customer service monitor inquiries that are going directly to employees.

Homepage for displayed on a laptop screen

Beverly Banking Office Location detail page from the website displaying the new layout of these pages.  The locaiton information - address and hours - are shown in the top left with map and gallery of location images in the top right.  A description of the location is in the bottom left and the location manager and other relevant people at the location display in the bottom left.