Peter Chang

Front End Developer

Having broken out of his shell to pivot his career from engineering to web development, Peter knows firsthand the importance of knowing what you want and working hard to get there. He appreciates the same drive and passion in our clients. He might not be the most talkative, but the valuable suggestions he brings to our team help our work exceed on every level. When he’s not using his downtime to keep learning as much as he can about web development, you might be able to get him to talk to you about his love of cars and dogs.

As one of our Front End Web Developers, Peter brings ideas to life on the websites we build for our clients. He designs the backbone of a site using HTML, styles it up with CSS, and gives the site logic with JavaScript. The end result is a beautiful, functional, user-friendly experience that expresses the vision of our client and the ideas of our UX and Design teams. Peter is always diligently tackling his next challenge – including hopefully rescuing a puppy of his own soon – so keep an eye out for the exciting things he’s going to do!