Katie Cronauer

Katie Cronauer headshot

After some twists and turns took her career from archaeological digs, to a college career center, to completing her MBA, to a tech start-up, Katie came to Getfused in Boston to solve problems and help our team and our clients be their best. As our Marketing Analyst, Katie advises companies on how to measure, track, […]

Sergiy Kuzmenko

Quality and passion; the two hallmarks of Sergey’s creative prowess help drive concept to reality when designing for our clients. His unique ability to understand a brand and turn an idea into a work of art is powered by his love of family, good food, wine and the rolling of the ocean.

Jason Gates

Jason Gates headshot

Jason’s high level of knowledge of the SEO realm and his data-driven way of thinking brings the creativity and flexibility of marketing together with technical and complex infrastructures of all things digital. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and project management, Jason has seen just about every curve ball numbers can throw at […]

Caitlan Morris

Caitlan Morris headshot

Our Director of Marketing Caitlan is a trusted advisor to companies who are looking to grow their business by leveraging a strategic marketing plan across multiple channels. Not only is she a master of marketing and strategy, she also has experience working on the “client” side of marketing, making her an all-around expert at creating, […]

Zachary Batte

Zachary Batte headshot

The super hero backbone of our technology here at Getfused, he keeps our servers and technology up to date and safe as can be. And he still ever so patiently manages to put up with silly questions from the rest of our team. Thank goodness.

Liz Coffin

Our Art Director & Project Manager Liz brings a wealth of experience in client relations to Getfused from varied previous jobs in customer service and as a Park Ranger with the National Park Service. As a hard worker and perfectionist, she makes sure our clients feel clearly understood, highly prioritized, and completely happy during every […]

Judy Gough

As our marketing project organizer, timekeeper, and messenger, Judy is excellent at managing both tasks and people. She is energized and inspired by working with a passionate team and spending time with friends and family. Her discipline and passion also shine in her pursuit of CrossFit, dancing, traveling, and cooking.

Spencer D. Collier

Spencer D. Collier headshot

When he isn’t spearfishing off the coast, Spencer is innovating, ideating, and leading Getfused into new and exciting places. His entrepreneurial spirit not only guides Getfused’s path, but creates business results for our clients. The son of a retired Logistics Director at Kaman Aerospace, Spencer developed an interest in and became skilled at problem solving […]

Dan Burke

Dan Burke headshot

Dan is the User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture master at Getfused; he spends his days making websites easy and intuitive to use. A humble beginning of learning HTML to make the coolest Myspace profile out there has led to a career crafting amazing experiences for our clients. Dan’s work spans every department; from business […]