Liz Coffin

Art Director

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Logo

Our Art Director, Liz, brings valuable experience in client relations and visual design to Getfused, drawing from her unique educational and career backgrounds, including a degree in Fine Arts and work as a Park Ranger with the National Park Service.

Liz’s role includes leading the visual design of websites, overseeing the implementation of creative elements for marketing campaigns, and collaborating with the team to enhance internal processes. Leveraging her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and creativity, Liz finds fulfillment in aligning a clients’ identity and objectives with a compelling visual story.

Outside of work, Liz enjoys the outdoors including camping and visits to the beach, and expressing her creativity through painting and drawing. Her creativity and adaptability, coupled with her certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP), contributes to ensuring the Getfused team optimizes its talents and resources for maximum quality and efficiency.