When It’s Time to Clear the Cache

Three keys to make your life easier

9/11/2017 Development

Say you had a change made to your site such as updating the text in the footer or adding a menu item to the navigation bar. You can’t wait to check out the update on the live site once it’s complete but when you go have a look see in your preferred browser…

It’s nowhere to be found!

What’s happening here? It’s called browser cache (pronounced “cash”). The browser cache temporarily stores all the images and files that the browser downloads to display the website. When revisiting a website, the browser reloads what’s already been cached or saved, thus helping the website load faster in your browser.

However, if you make an update to your website, the browser will load the previously cached site without your latest update. So, clear the cache you must! How do you clear your cache? It depends on the browser you’re using but the following shortcut will work in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer: 

After clearing your cache, reload the website in the browser and you should be able to see your brand new update.

If you STILL cannot see the updated change even after clearing your cache (another term is “browsing history”) then it could be a network issue.We recommend disconnecting from the Wi-Fi and connecting to another network or viewing the website on your mobile device disconnected from the Wi-Fi.

Happy viewing!

- Amanda