What to Expect in 2019

Our expert team predicts trends for you to stay on top of in 2019.

One thing you can always expect from the digital marketing world is that it will always change. Make sure your business changes and improves along with it! From tech and UX to strategy and more, here's a roundup of what our team of experts predicts for the world of digital marketing in 2019.

The End of Flat Design

I have been calling the latest trend Flat-ish Design. In the early days of the web, designers mimicked physical objects to bring familiarity to the new digital space. This is called skeuomorphic design. Remember when your notetaking app looked like a Moleskine notebook? That’s a perfect example of skeuomorphism. As people got more familiar with the digital realm, designers simplified their UIs to have a more minimal and aesthetic appearance. However, the pendulum swung too far; these flat designs were missing well-established visual affordances for interactivity. Sacrificing accessibility for attractiveness is never a good trade-off. In recent years, design frameworks such as Google’s Material Design have striven to find a balance between clean, beautiful, and usable. These frameworks provide designers with a great jumping-off point for creating modern, accessible interfaces that conform to established standards. These “flat-ish” design languages make use of subtle dropshadows, gradients, and animations to bring depth to the screen. By treating elements of the UI as sheets of paper, Material Design marries the aesthetic of clean flat design with the intuitiveness of skeuomorphic design.
- Dan Burke, UX & Product Manager

It’s Personal – Continued increase in personalized marketing

“Build it and they will come” may have worked for a ballfield nestled in an Iowan cornfield, but in today’s world of inbound marketing, consumers expect more from their brands in exchange for loyalty. By leveraging big data and analytics, these big brands will be able to get “small” by offering one-to-one marketing strategies and delivering individualized messages and product offerings to current or prospective consumers. Many brands are already starting to do this: open Spotify and you will notice a perfectly curated, individualized playlist called “Discovery Weekly” based on your listening habits. Name brands such as Target and Ikea are taking this straight onto the retail floor by tracking your life-changing events and displaying an organized collection of relevant products. Personalized marketing will show continued and increasing value in 2019. When does it become too personal? I’m sure the line will be drawn in the next few years.
- Steve Mammone, President

The Fear of “Fake”

Fake news is one thing, but now we’re seeing the emergence of something altogether more alarming: fake video. What we once thought of as a reliable source of proof is now going to be questioned, and consumers will become even more uneasy with any content presented to them. 2019 will become the height of mistrust among consumers for content pushed at them. In general, content teams will spend 2019 creating content that tells an authentic story – without marketing fluff or anything else that might make consumers skeptical. In order to do that, we’ll start seeing less-produced, raw video that introduces actual humans – or just simple animations that tell a process-driven “how we work” story instead of a “we’re the greatest” story.
- Erica Seery, Lead Marketing Strategist

New Importance of Reputation Content

The referral will take a step back into the spotlight, as everything will be intensely researched for validity and reliability. This has been around for a bit for the B2C market, but B2B will pick this up in 2019. A lot of good online reviews are critical (if a business has only a few reviews, there’s a chance they could be fake), but a generic “testimonial” might be viewed with a raised brow. SEO-driven content for B2B in 2019 won’t be just the perfectly written, relevant blog – it’ll include your presence on Google My Business, Yelp, Crunchbase, industry listings, and beyond. 2019’s best content is your customers’ content.
- Erica Seery, Lead Marketing Strategist