Tried & True + Something New

The 70-20-10 rule that every business should try

7/12/2017 Digital Marketing
If I had to generalize I’d say there are two ruts that businesses can get stuck in:
1. Chasing everything “shiny” and always trying something new. Changing up the game so dramatically that they never really can track things over time or make good comparisons between strategies.
2. Playing it a little too safe. Sticking so closely to what has always been done because it seems like it’s been doing fine. Over time things start slowing and declining and it’s usually too late before they start to notice. 
Ideally, you need to be somewhere in between (though, not even perfectly in the middle). Tried and true is important. For any business you need something reliable – so don’t throw those strategies out the window! But if you aren’t finding a way to mix something new in, then you’ll end up stuck at some point. Google’s system is 70-20-10, where 70% of resources go to tried and true, 20% try some small new things related to your tried and true, and 10% get out there and try something completely different to see if it sticks.
Whether you come up with specific proportions is up to you – just make sure you have a foundation and you are still trying new things, no matter what kind of business/professional you are.
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