The Introduction of Facebook Reactions

Did you love, like, laugh, or cry at that post?

Facebook has finally done it! After years of pushing back on the idea of a “disklike” button, they have found a way for you to more accurately depict how you feel about your friend’s 230th picture of their kid. Today the social media giant introduced “Reactions”. All you have to do is hover over the like button and you are presented with options to say whether you Like, Love, “Haha”, “Wow”, Sad, or Angry a post. (Grammar loses its meaning here… I suppose that’s why they’ve called it “reaction”).

What does this mean for brands? We will see. For now, you have a much finer understanding of how people feel about your posts. Did they like that post because it was mildly interesting (“like” now translates to that) or did they think that that post was the best thing they’ve seen all day (“love” perhaps, or “wow” depending on the post content). On one hand it makes it harder to make cut and dry remarks about how effective your post was – next time you present to the CEO about your Facebook success, good luck explaining “Well this got a lot of “Sad” because it was about us being closed for a blizzard, which is actually a good thing kind of!” The good thing is that people can only choose one Reaction, so there’s no trying to decipher why the same person both Love’d and Angry’d your post.

Overall, you’ll still be able to measure whether people are paying attention at all. No “Reactions” still means you need to beef up your content strategy and get people engaged. In the meantime, enjoy watching the new information begin to pour in.