The Five W's of Instagram Insights

Understanding these new analytics tools

We all know getting your company on the most popular social platforms is a must if you want to be seen. But how do you know if your content is performing well and improving? Many social platforms are finally breaking out some highly sought-after analytics for those looking to assess or improve their activity – most recently, Instagram. We would like to formally introduce you to: Instagram Insights!
This whole new behind-the-scenes view of how users are interacting on a business's Instagram is a goldmine. We can see analytics behind each post, including most popular times of day, age range, follower locations, if hashtags brought in views...the insights are endless, and Instagram doesn’t seem to be holding back on adding new measurements on the reg. 
Before it becomes a tool as complex as Google Analytics (pump the brakes, Instagram!), we’ve created five questions to help you grasp the basics of this new data hub and start improving your posting habits.  

Who Is It For?

Instagram Insights are only available for business accounts. What is a business account? Think of those who have call/email/shop buttons at the top of their profiles. Easily change the type of account you have in the app’s Settings section. 
Our favorite part: Instagram has made Insights easy to use for bloggers, start-ups, and experienced businesses alike, no matter your level of comfort with data. Don’t know what some terms mean? There’s a list of definitions at the bottom of each section on Insights. 

Why Do You Need It?

Each piece of Instagram Insights can help you gain more followers, promote more engagement, or simply keep track of improvements. Here are just a few ways you can interpret the data:
Monitor the time of day your audience is engaging and alter your posting patterns
Compare which hashtags or types of posts are getting the most impressions and interactions
Adjust the voice of your captions according to the age/gender of your audience 
Did a story bring in a lot of engagement? Make sure to prioritize them more often. 

Where Are These Insights?

Access insights in three different ways:
1. Individual Post – Select the post you want to see data behind. Underneath the image, click "View Insights". You will see how many likes, comments, and saves there are, including profile visits & reach. Here's a trick - swipe UP on the data to access even more, such as followers gained or how many impressions came from hashtags. 
2. Story Insight - Click the small clock in the top right corner of your profile to see an archived list of your stories. Choose the story you want and click the bar icon to see how many viewers clicked forward, back, or who replied. Did you use an interactive tool on your story, like a poll? Here is where you can see results!
3. Full insights -  Go to the top right corner of your profile and click on the small icon with varied level bars to access a world of measurements, toggles, graphs, and more.

What Can You Gain?

With so much data at your fingertips I bet you're asking, "What exactly am I looking at here?" Let's look at the three basic sections: Activity, Content, and Audience. 
In this section you will see data from the current week. It compares profile visits and website clicks to the week before. You can also view the total reach & impressions your posts racked up. 
Compiled here are your Feed Posts, Stories, and Promotions. The segment that is most exciting (and fun to play with) is the Feed Posts. Click "See All" to view a list of your posts displayed from most impressions to least. Interested in more than impressions? Toggle through different engagement types (e.g. comments, likes, follows) and post type (photo, video, shopping posts) to see how your posts have performed compared to one another.
The last portion of the insights gives you the breakdown of your audience. 
Here's some of what you can see:
# of followers
Age and gender demographics
Top locations (cities & countries)
Time of week/day engagement
The most important audience insight is follower engagement according to the day of the week and the time of day. You can look at this information and know if you’ve been posting too early, too late, or on a day when audience activity is low.


When Should I Start?

Start now! Jump on your phone and begin looking at all Instagram has to offer you. They have provided these tools just to help you succeed! 

Remember, if you’re overwhelmed by the volume of data, or if you’re not sure what next steps to take, we can help! Need advice about which insights to focus on? Want recommendations for what and when to post? We can show you what’s important, help improve your posts, and track improvements and activity so you’re always communicating your brand in the best way possible on this social platform.

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