Staying Focused in an Active Workplace

Don’t get me wrong, it has its perks.

Getfused Boston has recently gone through a pretty significant change, receiving a much-welcomed facelift, we have been under construction. (If you haven’t stopped by, you really should!) Working under construction was at times challenging, and now adapting to the new work environment has taken a bit more effort than expected.  But don’t get me wrong, it has its perks.

From my corner in the office, I can see almost everything going on throughout the day. With the open floor plan, it is helpful in many ways; the ability to interact as a group, improving interoffice communication whether it is a work issue or determining what is the best food truck to hit up on a Tuesday.  (BTW, that is Mei Mei @ South Station. Get the Scallion Pancake with bacon. It’s amazing.) 

Sitting together can also save time. If you sit in the same general proximity as your team, it is easier to answer questions fast and get everyone on the same page. However, when things get stepped up a notch and get busy, it is important to have a few practices for both yourself and your teammates that will help everyone concentrate in an active workplace.

To help yourself:

Headphones – The most obvious tip. Put them on and ease into a podcast, classical music or punk rock. Whatever keeps you settled.

Meditation App – Grab a bean bag and spend a few minutes each day clearing out your head. (The Headspace App is excellent)

Exercise – Take a quick walk to grab a coffee or tea. Just breaking away - a good stretch or a quick stroll around the block – can work wonders.

Shutdown – If you need to really get something done, shut off the IM, shut off the email, put on your headphones and just clear the path to execute on time.  

To help others:

Inside voices – When you are on the phone, using an inside voice can help not to distract those around you. If your call is pre-scheduled, see if a conference room is available for use to give you more privacy and your co-workers a quiet space to continue working.

Breakout rooms – When you are working with a team member or group, take it into a safe space.  To take this further, schedule meeting times to regroup on things, rather than having open conversations that could either take a good amount of time or get a little stressful in nature.

Be observant – If you see a coworker with headphones on, you notice they are offline, hold your approach let them maintain their focus until they are done. They will surface. 


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