Social Listening

The Best Form Of Eavesdropping

When we hear the term “social listening” I think all our minds go straight to a classic family holiday party. Your with Aunt Betsy who's telling you about her latest D.I.Y. project and you are holding on for dear life to act interested and not to lose focus. Don’t worry, to us marketers, “social listening” is more like hearing the juicy gossip that your cool Uncle Jerry overheard near the punch table from cousin Tommy’s big mouth.

So, you must be wondering “What exactly is social listening?” I’ll be honest; it’s a little different than cousin Tommy’s juicy gossip. 

Social Listening is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online.

It’s a company’s way of essentially eavesdropping in on customers, prospective customers, and competitors’ conversations to monitor feelings and opinions about their brand and products. 

They can use various monitoring platforms (e.g., Sprout Social, Crimson Hexagon, Spredfast, and many more) to key in on particular people, hashtags, or events. They can gain valuable information; post volumes, sentiment, spikes in conversations, forms of engagement, influencers, and how customers interact with one another. Not only can this monitoring help a business gain insight into their audience, but it can open their eyes to new innovative ideas.

Companies should be utilizing social listening on all platforms. Whether that is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, etc. there is always a place where your consumers are chatting.  

It’s important for a company to know what their customers are saying about their brand; do they like their mission? Goals? What about the products and services? Are they happy with their purchase? Upset? Maybe there is something wrong with an item that should be brought to light.  Through this monitoring, you can assess a situation and conduct an appropriate response. Not only will you be giving them excellent customer service, but your brand will be building an online community, promoting brand awareness, and the best of all: you will be getting quality, first-hand market research.

At Getfused we utilize these social listening tools and resources for various clients so they can get an all exclusive pass to look into what their customers are thinking.  So, if you think it’s handy to have a little cousin Tommy around telling you all your customers’ real thoughts – we suggest finding that partner in crime to help you and your company out.

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