Never Stop Improving

If you stop, you’re stagnating.

5/22/2017 User-Centered Design

Never Stop Improving

If you stop improving you’re stagnating. On the internet if you’re staying the same, you’re falling behind. While we strive to create the best possible digital experiences for our clients from day one, it is important to always keep an eye out for opportunities to polish the user experience. Getfused applies this perspective with our own products as well; we are continuously evolving our CMS platform. With every new version of Getfused Platform there may be opportunities to leverage the latest updates to enhance the experience for your visitors and your internal team responsible for maintaining the site.

While continuous, rapid iteration may be ideal, it is not a realistic option for many businesses. If you can’t remember the last time your web presence was evaluated, you are overdue for an iteration. Getfused can review the user experience to identify areas of the site that could benefit from a design iteration. One of the most flexible and cost-effective methods is conducting a heuristic evaluation.

What is a Heuristic Evaluation?
A chance to go from good to great

Unlike user testing, heuristic evaluations don't require recruiting test participants or organizing costly and lengthy testing sessions. Getfused evaluators will examine the interface and determine compliance with design conventions and usability principles (the “heuristics”). The goal is to identify usability issues with recommendations for how they may be addressed as part of an iterative design process.

Insights include:

  • Identifying pain points or missing content/features that cause user frustration and lost revenue
  • Taking stock of how things have grown organically within the structure that was initially defined
  • Finding outdated components that don’t conform to modern best practices
  • Recognizing opportunities to leverage our platform’s updates to enhance the experience for both your customers and your internal team responsible for maintaining the site
  • Gathering data to better inform current efforts and future planning

Why do it?
Elevating the user experience can improve profitability

  • Increase conversion and customer satisfaction
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Reduce customer service requests
  • Efficiently manage your site and produce content

Sound good? Let’s get started!

User-Centered Design