Marketing Tip of the Month: October

Find a Smaller Audience

10/13/2016 Digital Marketing

Find a Smaller Audience

Many brands benefit from huge marketing campaigns that smack a wide range of people. There’s something to be said about the widespread chatter that comes from a Superbowl ad, but as advertising continues to change with the industry having a better handle on consumer data, we as marketers now have the ability to be significantly more targeted- and we need to take every advantage of that.

What used to take a lot of time and effort, going from door to door or attending local meetings to find specific groups of people, is now as easy as choosing “likes coffee” and “soccer mom” in a Facebook audience filter. As you get more specific with who you’re targeting and you watch that target audience get smaller and smaller – don’t be afraid! Take advantage of the opportunity to know exactly who you’re talking to and put forward the effort to really think about the individual people you’re looking to cater to. This is a good exercise in general, as marketers you need to keep your eyes on the people that your brand can connect with, rather than the “market” or “audience.” Think about the mom that loves the Boston Bruins and has a teenager that plays sports and is just hoping that they can make it big in hockey – rather than thinking about reaching the general Boston area of women ages 40-60. 

Find a smaller audience and really think about the people you’re talking to.


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