Learn How To Kern

Uneven Lettering is an Eyesore

2/21/2017 User-Centered Design

Pet Peeve:

Kerning is the term used by designers to refer to the process of evenly adjusting the spacing between individual letters. It is a process used in typography to create visual harmony between the letters. The sad reality is that many people are blind to kerning until they come face to face with a horrible real-life example. Many typefaces have an auto-kerning feature which allows for the letters in a font or typeface to sit equidistant from each other. However, even this doesn’t always save the designer from running into problems. Double-checking the spacing between text, especially short phrases such as a title, call to action, or brand slogan.

Takeaway: Learn how to Kern: Uneven Lettering is an eyesore

Here are some examples of bad kerning that can help raise awareness.


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