How Social Media Changed in 2016

all that has happened in social media this year

12/7/2016 Digital Marketing

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to reminisce a little on all that has happened in social media this year:

How about our predictions from 2015?
We ended last year with a few predictions about how 2016 would pan out. Here are a few notable:

  • Prediction #1 - Decrease of Instagram Organic Reach: We ended last year cautiously optimistic about the introduction of Instagram ads and concern over its effect on organic reach. The actual results? Luckily, so far we have not seen a major drop in organic reach (though we would continue to keep watch). Instagram ads have been a win so far!
  • Prediction #2 - Increased use of Snapchat and Periscope: While the general spirit of this prediction did come true, it played out a little differently when Instagram introduced “Stories” and Facebook introduced Facebook LIVE. More on these below.

Instagram Infamous “Insta Stories” 

  • You may remember the day you opened Instagram to find a very similar or what some may say, a “copycat” version of Snapchat’s “MyStory.” It was a replica which had audiences pulling a “Twilight,” feuding between Team Instagram or Team Snapchat.  The Facebook owned app had no difficulty in giving credit to Snapchat for coming up with the idea of Stories, but they had no shame in owning the fact that there is no Copyright law that protects ideas. As 2016 kept going, Instagram’s stolen goods are in the past as their Stories have become increasing popular. Just another example of how an idea can be adapted for your business and be very successful. 

RIP Vine
Twitter officially retired Vine, and we all must look elsewhere for short bursts of comedy.  In memory, here’s a best of compilation for Logan Paul.

Facebook Video Trends

  • Facebook LIVE
    •  Similar to (but much a more successful version of) Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook LIVE has become increasingly popular.  The tool was first made available for celebrities and then to select groups, but now the general public is able to access this – filming the concert they are at, parade strolling by, or funny office prank that will sure to give viewers a good laugh.
  • Facebook “360 video” 
    • Officially the most interesting way to watch an event or random extreme sports videos that you stumble upon. Here are some fun examples:  
  • Weird social trends/videos:
    • 1 minute recipe: You know what we’re talking about, all you who are fans of Tasty and Delish. Who would have thought these recipes would be seem easy when you show them in a cool Facebook video?
    • The Mannequin challenge 
    • Flipping water bottles …?


Snapchat during Election Season
Snapchat took this Election season by storm. Across the board we saw candidates utilizing custom filters for their events (and the general public using face filters on the candidates... always enjoyable). This is another market of the significance of Snapchat filters for in-the-moment and event based content. 

Let’s not forget the new double face filter… 

And that concludes our 2016 social media highlights, filled with some exciting new app features to some very interesting video trends…it will always be a mystery to how those water flipping videos began.  Judging from everything that happened in 2016, it looks to be that 2017 will be just as exciting and innovative! 

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