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Insight on why Instagram is her go-to

7/20/2017 Digital Marketing
As a college student, I am always trying to find enough time in the day to squeeze in studying, work, and friends. But no matter how busy I might feel, I somehow find the time to update my Instagram feed one too many times throughout the day. So, I ask myself, “What is it that I love so much about this social media platform?” Here are the top four reasons why Instagram remains as my favorite social media outlet.
1. Tell Your Story. Instagram is the best platform for visual storytelling and you are the creator! Your profile is a glimpse into your life that you are sharing with your followers in a fun and creative way. Based off what you choose to share, your followers gain insight into your interests, personality, who you spend your time with, where you like to travel, and more. It’s kind of creepy … but we like it! Even the way that you position and edit your photos reflect attributes of yourself; are you colorful or more of the black and white kind of person? Does your page follow a certain theme or aesthetic? Are your captions serious or sarcastic and funny? I know that I like my personal Instagram to revolve around my friends, family, (and dogs) and all the great adventures life takes us on. I think that Instagram helps me capture these special moments with special people and I love to share them.
2. Straightforward. My newsfeed consists of only the best photos and videos captured by who I follow and an unspoken Instagram rule is to not post more than once a day. The simplicity is refreshing. With Facebook, I tend to become lost in my newsfeed. Between the photos, videos, articles, and status’ posted by my friends to the constant posts from companies and news channels … information overload takes over and I don’t hesitate to logout.
3. Endless Inspiration. This is a blessing as well as a curse. I think that everyone can admit they have caught themselves mentally committing to changing their workout lifestyle or daydreaming of beautiful vacations because of the photos they see on Instagram. It is necessary to snap back to reality in most cases, but then there are accounts that can truly be used as a form of inspiration where the instagrammer shares his or her experiences, tips, and tricks. Whether that be in entrepreneurship, fashion, healthy eating, fitness, or travel; there is something fit for everyone.
4. Ingenious Advertising. Instagram approaches advertisements differently in comparison to other social media platforms and it’s great. Advertisements that appear on Facebook are bold and have a stronger commercial impression associated with them. This works for Facebook because of its nature, but it would not work as well for Instagram and that is why they have Native Ads. These are the sponsored ads that appear on your feed, but appear in the same format as a normal post, flowing well within your newsfeed. The photos in the advertisements tend to be more original and less upfront, making some of them more enticing than a typical ad might be. I have also found that although there are still advertisements on Instagram, they do not appear as often as they do on Facebook. I appreciate the native ads because when I scroll through my newsfeed, I still feel like I am using a platform whose primary focus is on the user content. 
I will admit that there are times when I think, “How am I not sick of Instagram yet and will that day ever come?” But before I know it they add a new feature, that I of course LOVE. So, for those four reasons, and many more, Instagram takes the cake for the best social media platform in my book…for now.
- Courtney
Digital Marketing