From One Intern To Another

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8/25/2017 Digital Marketing
After finishing my junior year of college, I told myself that the coming summer would be the one where I would make a big move and look for an internship in my home city, Boston.   After searching around and looking for opportunities, I was fortunate enough to achieve this goal for myself. I had then started my internship at Getfused as a project coordinator.   
Although the thought of interning for a company can intimidate some, internships are one of the most beneficial aspects of a student’s college career. They offer real-life work experience, allow you to make connections in your field, and put you one step ahead in the competitive job search that every college student will encounter down the road.  Although getting an internship is one step, another is to make your experience worthwhile.  Going off my experience thus far, I have a few tips that I believe will make your internship experience worth while!
Stay Motivated:
When beginning as an intern for a company, you’re excited, energetic, and ready to go.  One way of having a successful intern experience is to not only own these feelings, but also maintain a strong level of motivation and persistence.  
Another word of advice I can give based off my own experience, is to try not to over evaluate your actions and keep a level mind throughout the course of projects and the work day.  Whether the work load is large or small, just take each piece of work step by step and crush it!  
Keep a Positive Attitude:  
Maintaining a positive attitude in any work environment is another key factor for success.  Even the smallest actions like saying good morning to your supervisors/bosses will benefit you throughout the span of an internship.  When assigned to a task, it is always good to approach it with a positive spirit.  Your boss will love to see you excited and happy to do the work you’re given, and by doing this it can also give you the opportunity to take on many more diverse tasks.
Getting to know your team during the span of being an intern is another great way to stand out and leave a good impression. However, you must be sure that the timing is right while doing this. Especially in an office setting, too much chit-chat can make you look unproductive and distracted.  Not only this, but when everyone is in the middle of doing their jobs and have a lot on their plates, you really do not want to be that distraction who will slow down their work production.  My best advice for this is to try to only talk it up when the timings appropriate! 
Do Quality work:   
Work, tasks, assignments (or whatever you may call it) are one of the main reasons you’re interning, the work you do is the experience you will gain and be able to use in the future.  Take in as much knowledge as possible from each task and try your best.  Although some parts of your internship may be harder than others, just take the challenge head on and try to do it to the best of your ability, and ASK QUESTIONS.  As an intern, you have the right to ask as many questions as you need.  It is better to ask a few questions and have an assignment done right than to not and have to re-do it! 
Throughout my internship experience at Getfused, I have learned a number of new skills that will benefit me later in my future.  Everyone in our office is fantastic and are always open to help an intern in need. This is what mainly made my intern experience very well.  Also, with taking my own advice into consideration, I am excited to say that I will be continuing to work with Getfused as a part-time employee in the Fall.  With that, I am confident that you all will succeed with your internship experiences. If I can do it then you can do it as well!
- Dave
Digital Marketing