Designed for Success: Why Businesses Need Design

Take your business from functional to exceptional

Imagine a magazine with no visuals, just plain text. Imagine Times Square with no advertisements on display. Imagine a street or highway with only uniformly rectangular, black-and-white signs. It’s easier to recognize the importance of design once you remove elements of it from the world around you.

The importance of design in business and marketing

Design is about more than just making things look pretty; it is an essential part of life that everyone interacts with in some way, and it helps add liveliness and organization to our world. In both obvious and subtle ways, design teaches us how to maneuver everyday life. In marketing, strong visuals also provide a competitive edge to businesses and products. The designer’s job is to make sure it’s done properly: that it makes sense and has a strong impact.

  1. Improving UX through good design
    Visual design helps differentiate the flow of information so that everything makes sense to the observer. UX is a huge part of design; architecting the information infrastructure of websites helps web visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Graphic designers bring color and life to this infrastructure so that people also have a pleasant visual experience.
    User-friendly displays on desktop, tablet, mobile
  2. Branding your business
    Setting your brand apart through design is a huge part of marketing. It’s important to be memorable and recognizable so that you can connect with your audience quickly and readily. Marketing is all about communication, and that extends to the visual side: you need to be able to communicate the most with the least amount for effective design.
    Pulling brand concepts together into one unified logo
  3. Connecting people to marketing
    Marketing requires an understanding of how people work and think, including from the design side. People want to see what they’re getting and feel a connection to businesses and their products through strong visuals. Bridging marketing and design helps build this connection and ultimately drives marketing efforts to success.
    Internet activity and marketing

Design is all around us – so much so, in fact, that it can be easy to forget it’s even there. Think back to the highway signs: we all know that speed signs are white, directional signs are green, caution signs are yellow, and danger signs are red, but we might not think about it explicitly as we drive. Communicating this information becomes simpler and faster – even automatic – through design.

Just as in the everyday world, communicating information in the business and marketing worlds is more efficient when it’s supported by good design. Design naturally integrates businesses and products into people’s everyday lives. At the same time, good design sets your business apart, and sets you up for success.

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