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Setting Yourself up for Efficient, Customized Customer Service

3/23/2017 Digital Marketing

It’s not just our products and designs that are user-centric. Each day we work to make sure every client, from the smallest non-profit team of volunteers to large industry-leaders, receives personalized, timely service that demonstrates our belief they’re all equally important. 

It’s not just a smile and outward passion that makes for a positive experience. We work hard behind the scenes to make every interaction a success.

Are you a customer service professional? Here are some tips we’ve learned help make for effective customer service at your company:

  • Instead of firing off a brief email of acknowledgement for the sake of quick response times, take the time to step back and work with your team to deliver the maximum level of assistance and information. Of course, answer timely, but try to wait until you have some background. 
  • If you need context for an issue, consult your team and other resources first, rather than asking your client for answers about their own service. Your historical knowledge will demonstrate your concern and care and foster close, positive relationships. 
  • Keep track of trending issues and frequently asked questions. Search old tickets and email chains to save yourself from duplicating work. Has a solution already been presented in the past? Should trending issues be reported internally to your product team for long-term resolution? 
  • Keep a bank of form letters for frequent requests for information. This will save you a lot of time re-typing instructions you’ve already sent a dozen times before. 
  • Avoid negative language and responses. If a request for work can’t be performed or in a manner that will work for your client – what are the alternatives? Present solutions and workarounds if you find yourself unable to assist in the form requested.

We’ve all had to call a service line or send a support request, what do you look for, as a customer, when you are in need of help?


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