3 Tips for an Awesome Homepage

Make a Good First Impression

A high-quality website can be one of your greatest marketing assets. But the knife cuts both ways: a poorly made website can turn potential customers away. The first page many new visitors see will be your homepage, so it’s a great place to focus your efforts. Here are 3 pieces of advice:

Clearly convey who you are and what you do

Visitors should know what your business is and what can be done on your site. Additionally, the content on your homepage should establish your brand identity: 
  • Why does the business exist? What are your mission and vision? Don’t just copy content from internal documents - speak the language that will resonate with your target audiences.
  • State your value proposition and key differentiators. Explain why people should stay on your site and do business with you instead of your competitors. Use messaging and calls to action that fall in line with your visitors’ goals.
  • Who are you? Tease out major services, product types, or areas of expertise. This helps visitors quickly ascertain what information they can find and what tasks they can complete on the site.

Feature noteworthy content

While some content can be prioritized based on publish date (e.g. News), other content is less timely (e.g. Case Studies). Help get people started on a deep-dive by featuring the best posts on your homepage. How do you decide what’s best? There are a few ways:
  • Use your gut: you should have a good understanding of the audiences who come to your site and what they’re looking for. Use this knowledge to select content that will likely resonate most strongly with your visitors.
  • Quality: in a perfect world, every entry would be equally amazing, but in reality, sites often have one or two flagship entries that are more impressive than others. These posts may be about topics that tend to have more impactful imagery or were easier to write about. If you find that a post is the cream of the crop, feature it on your homepage.
  • Popularity: check the stats in your analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) to see which posts have the highest traffic. These will be good candidates for your homepage, as your users have shown interest in them.

Display recent timely content

A good homepage will display a handful of the most recently published timely content, such as the latest news or the next few upcoming events. This keeps the content on your homepage fresh, which benefits new and returning visitors while also helping SEO efforts. New visitors will benefit from seeing that the site is kept up to date, returning folks will have a chance to see what’s new since their last visit, and search engines will favor a site that is kept updated vs. a stagnant site. 
User-Centered Design