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Who We Are

Getfused is a full-service digital marketing agency that uses an iterative, user-centric approach to strategize and execute solutions that meet our clients’ business goals. Beginning in 1996 we were a group of digital consultants (read: nerds with a vision) focused on the development of high-quality websites, e-commerce platforms, intranets, and creating web-based applications that were the first of their kind.

With this highly technical background, we have had the opportunity to become experts in all things digital marketing and are equipped to take on any digital challenge presented. We have since grown into the robust agency that we are today – providing services across digital marketing, user-centered design, and development to our wide variety of clients (all of which are produced in-house, mind you). It is our top priority to create long-term relationships and results that have a meaningful impact for our clients, and we have successfully done so time and time again.

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We Love What We Do

Every day is different. Each client offers new opportunities.  We leverage and nurture every person's talents.

Getfused is a team of incredibly skilled professionals who are passionate about their work, committed to each others' success and inspired to achieve for our clients. 

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Our Process

We adamantly believe that to deliver effective solutions we must intimately understand not only your objectives but also the goals of your key audiences. That’s why, over the past decade, we’ve created and refined a goal-oriented, user-centric approach. Through this iterative and inclusive process, we will work with you to crystallize ideas.

Visit us: 285 Summer Street, Suite 100, Boston, MA 02210

While some of us spend our days elsewhere, Boston is our home-base. Come by and check out our home office, awesome fish tank, yellow bean bags, and thinking space. This is where innovation happens.

Get Philanthropic

Our way of giving back

We believe in supporting our community through charitable organizations that help foster safety, character building, and joy in children's lives.
Ron Burton Training Village's mission to provide children with peace, patience, humility, and love, inspired us to extend our helping hands. Over the years we have formed bonds with Rodman for Kids, Wonderfund, Campaign for Catholic Schools, Crossroads, and the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston. 
Each organization has a universal mission of helping kids, be kids.