User Centered Design

User-Centered Design

Whether considering a website, mobile site, intranet, or application, any kind of digital design must be focused on the user. How will the user interact with this design? What are they there to view and do? How do we give the user what they're looking for while meeting our clients’ goals? Through user-centered design process, Getfused is able to engage visitors with an accessible, visually appealing, and functional design that helps our clients meet their goals.

User Research

There is one important aspect of user-centered design that must not be forgotten: the user is always right. In order to understand how any digital tool should be structured, Getfused first seeks to fully understand who the users are and what their goals are. Aligning this information with our clients’ business goals allows our team to reveal where the users’ needs align with the business goals so we can create an impulse mood and strong call to action for the user to complete a desired task.

Information Architecture

A key factor to any kind of communication is to make sure information is well organized and easily understood by your audience. Through an analysis of what your audience is there to view and do, our team constructs a carefully laid out architecture of your digital content. By organizing information into logical groups and hierarchies, Getfused is able to understand how each piece of content is related to each other and what information is most important. This ensures that end users (and search engines) will be able to find exactly what they need.

User Experience

Every part of your digital presence is about providing your customers and potential customers with an experience. Information is valuable and photos are memorable, but experiences create a lasting connection between a customer and your brand. Our team is able to create digital experiences that satisfy the needs of users and achieve business goals in the smoothest, most pleasant way possible. The key is clearly defining purpose and placement for every piece of content. Through sketches and highly interactive wireframe prototypes, we are able to ensure that for each use care scenario, the user is able to meet their needs and company goals are being met.

Visual Design

Our user-centered design and marketing teams work together to ensure that we are creating a digital presence that is not only user-friendly, but also visually appealing and on brand. Our team works to immerse themselves in our clients’ brand and fully understand their vision. We work with clients in all situations, whether following a strict brand guideline, helping to evolve a brand through the digital space or creating a brand from scratch. Through design compositions, we are able to provide multiple directions or concepts on how our clients’ brand could be portrayed across the digital space. As our design team has put it, “we want your design to look like candy, so that every time you look at it, you want more”.

Usability Testing & Evaluation

Usability testing and evaluation allows us to ensure that different users are able to meet their goals efficiently and with minimal difficulty. Throughout a project many decisions are made in the interest of the user, but testing and evaluation allows the opportunity to ensure that those decisions were the best ones. Our team tests by allowing others to interact with the design and work to complete a predetermined set of tasks. Based on the results, we are able to modify and ensure that each goal can be met quickly and effectively.