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    using technology to reach your audience

    Getfused's deep experience in digital marketing will allow your organization to communicate in the channels your audience is communicating in and help you to reach your customers and prospects quickly, effectively and successfully. Getfused will help drive your message to your audience in their preferred channels.



Getfused’s expertise in web design and development doesn’t stop at simply creating a great website. In every decision made about your web presence, marketing must be a driving force. We will consider your business goals and target audiences to create a tailored strategy focused on content creation, conversion funnels, promotional opportunities, and much more. Once this is completed, our user experience, design, and development teams will execute that strategy and turn it into a beautifully designed and intuitive website that is easy to manage and allows you to drive your marketing goals. Once your web project is completed, we will provide analysis and reporting to ensure your website is working effectively and new opportunities are discovered.



Email marketing has continually proven to bring brands closer to their customers. Our team will create a strategy aimed at gaining audiences and communicating to them with the right content at the right time. The email strategy will provide guidance on audience acquisition strategies, content creation, list segmentation, and frequency of campaigns. We also provide insight on how to trigger automatic emails to your audience based on time or behavior. Working with our design team we will create branded email templates, for use in a recommended email service provider. You will have the flexibility to manage your email campaigns on your own or can choose to leverage Getfused’s experts to manage your email marketing on an on-going basis. Regardless of who executes, we analyze the success of each campaign and provide recommendations to continually improve your strategy.


Social Media

We will closely examine industry relevant social media platforms to ensure that your organization’s efforts are leveraged efficiently. By choosing a path for your organization’s use of social media, our team will create a cohesive strategy that will provide your viewers, fans, and followers with a better experience of your brand. The strategy will provide insight into audience acquisition, as well as the optimization of posting frequency and content on each social channel. With this strategic plan in hand, your team can begin executing or you can choose to have Getfused’s strategists execute the plan on your behalf. Once the implementation is underway, our team will closely track, analyze, and report on the effectiveness of the strategy and execution to provide recommendations for improvement over time.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getfused will generate a strategic plan for making your website and digital presence search engine friendly. We will conduct research and in-depth analysis of your current SEO efforts and compare your efforts to the competition. We analyze your site completely from code to content and determine your overall relevancy in the eyes of the search engines. In the end, you are provided with prioritized strategic recommendations that can be completed by your internal team or with the help of our experts. Through quarterly tracking, analysis, and report generation, we will provide your organization with the tools to stay on the top of search results.



As we continue to see an increase in mobile audiences, there is full assurance that mobile is the one channel that your target audience is engaging with day and night. Getfused is able to craft a mobile strategy that fits both your business goals, as well as meet your customers’ needs. Whether with a mobile site, responsive design, or the creation of a dedicated mobile app, we can help propel your brand through the mobile space. With active analysis and reporting, we can determine any new needs from your audiences as your mobile traffic continues to increase.


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