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we help define brands in the digital space

We adamantly believe that, in order to deliver effective solutions, we must intimately understand not only your objectives, but also the objectives of your key user groups. That's why, over the past decade, we've created and refined a goal-oriented, user-centric approach.

We've created and refined a goal-oriented, user-centric approach to developing web-based solutions. Through this iterative, inclusive process, we work with you to crystallize ideas.


1. Envision

Envision involves meeting and interviewing your organization's stakeholders to define the project goals. Through SEO research, usability testing and a brand analysis, Getfused provides you with a results-oriented digital strategy.

2. Visualize

The next step of the process begins the visualization of what the project is going to become. This step involves creating your brand image along with scenarios for the project, a project timeline and architectural diagrams. This paired with SEO analysis and recommendations put your project on track to successfully define your brand.

3. Prototype

The prototype stage of the process is the beginning of a visual story where designs are created to represent your brand. This stage involves interaction designs, a story board, wire frames and visual designs. These provide you with a visual representation of what your brand image will be on the web.


6. Evaluate

Post launch, your website will be reviewed quarterly based on updated search engine technology best practices. In return, you are provided with a list of any suggested changes that would enhance your web presence.

5. Publish

Your project enters the final stages when a launch plan is put into place, training is given to representatives of your company, and the website is launched, with post launch QA/QC. In return, you are presented with a fully functioning content manageable web presence based upon your desired brand image and business goals.

4. Develop

Development begins the technical aspect of your project, including the system infrastructure, database schema, coding and QA/QC. In return, you receive the procurement document, system infrastructure document and we deploy the development environment to get ready for the final stages of your project.

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