Our Iterative Process

Over the years, Getfused has developed a six-step process that allows us to continually evaluate to ensure that we are meeting user needs, hitting client goals and defining new goals, so that we're continually improving and deepening that relationship we have with our clients.


Discover is our opportunity to truly understand both the business goals and user goals, by understanding what they are there to view and do in your digital presence.


In the conceptualize phase, we begin to crystallize the information and ideas that came out of the discovery phase and create an actionable plan for the remainder of the project to rely on.


The design phase of the process is unique, as it’s the point where we go from being abstract to concrete. At this point, we are able to bring a vision to the plan.


In the next step of the process, we develop that plan into a working solution or strategy.


Deploy is where rubber meets the road. It’s where we launch the solution and begin execution of the strategy.


Evaluate is the hallmark of Getfused, it’s the point where we are able to review, report and provide ongoing recommendations, thus deepening the relationship with our clients.