Ultimate Fighting Championship

As a global reaching brand, the UFC came to Getfused with unique needs, looking to better target audiences across different regions, while engaging fans regardless of how they were watching events. Working with their various teams across many countries, Getfused has played a large roll in clarifying the successes of their online presence, while providing ongoing recommendations for improvement.

UFC Bars

UFC Commercial Pay Per View team has the unique task of engaging UFC fans looking to watch fights at their local bar, rather than at home, while converting passive fans into hardcore UFC fans. Getfused worked with the UFC Bars team to design and structure a web presence that showcased the bar experience, while allowing fans to easily search and find the bar nearest them to watch the upcoming UFC fight.

Social integrations throughout the site allows fans to like bars, check in via foursquare and view the latest Yelp reviews for each bar. Keeping the site search engine optimized has allowed the UFC bars team to increase site visitors while increasing conversions, driving fans to call or find directions to their nearest bar. 

UFC Fans App by Metro PCS

In need of a quick turnaround for a mobile app, the UFC came to Getfused to design the Fans app to engage viewers during a live event. With the goal of increasing engagement, the app allows fans to watch every UFC event while viewing the new live stats tool that allows you to follow who is control of the fight at any given time during a bout. A streamlined design and user experience allows fans to watch highlights from the previous fights, play UFC Fantasy Pick’em, get breaking news, see the most recent fighter rankings and stats, and watch the live streams of weigh-in and press conferences. Since its initial launch, Getfused has worked with the UFC to adapt the app so it continues to meet their needs.


International Strategy

Getfused has worked closely with UFC international teams to ensure that although each regional site may be powered by the same system, each site be unique and focused on the local fan base. Getfused conducted research to understand how users within target countries searched for UFC related content and consumed content differently once on the site. This research allowed us to provide content, domain, and geo-targeting strategies to communicate optimal and timely content to the proper audience in each of the target countries.