Beer Modal

Once users entered the site, it was clear that one of the biggest things on their mind was beer. Getfused created Harpoon’s unique beer modal allowing users to explore Harpoon beers, carefully placed into their category groups. The goal here was to create a consistent page between categories like Harpoon, UFO, and 100 Barrel, while still pulling in the individual details, availability, tasting notes, and more about each beer.  Our development team created careful logic that not only made these beer modals interactive and useful to users, but also indexable by the search engines, which is typically complicated when using modals.

Beer Finder

Now that visitors had the opportunity to learn all about their favorite beer, allowing users to find that beer nearby was essential. Getfused created the beer finder tool within the Harpoon website that allows visitors to not only find Harpoon beer near their location, but specifically filter by type of location (bars vs stores) and the exact type of beer.  The beer finder also has auto filtering based on a user’s location or beer page being viewed prior to landing on the beer finder. The beer finder required integration with their distribution software, including the translation of that data into information that brought value to users on the front end of the website. 

User-Centered Design

Over the years leading up to their new website, Harpoon had grown in size, beer lines, and timely content. Their old site was packed to the brim with exciting things regarding Harpoon’s breweries, beers, events, festivals, and more, but the old site did little to organize or make any of that content easy for visitors to find. To kick off the deployment of a new website, our user experience (UX) team set off to create a completely new information architecture that met not only their current needs but allowed room for growth in the future. Our user centered design team then brought Harpoon’s vision to life visually by creating a site design that not only focused on beer but the Harpoon experience.