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Patriots Schedule Predictor Challenge

Getfused created a custom app which allowed Patriots fans to enter a contest by easily dragging and dropping their predicted schedule for the 2014 season.
  • Patriots Schedule Predictor Challenge /images/content/PatriotsSchedule-abstract.jpg

    Patriots Schedule Predictor Challenge

    Getfused created a custom app which allowed Patriots fans to enter a contest by easily dragging and dropping their predicted schedule for the 2014 season.
  • VIP Services /images/content/vip-2.jpg

    VIP Services

    To create a full experience for Patriots premium seating audience, Getfused created their Patriot’s VIP services site to display events and provide a better view of their premium offerings.
  • Patriots Multicast /images/content/gf-pats-2.jpg

    Patriots Multicast

    In preparation for Super Bowl XLVI, Getfused was asked to develop a 5 channel multicast feed interface for See how Getfused is bringing Pats fans closer to media week.
  • Patriots Proshop /images/content/proshop2.jpg

    Patriots Proshop

    Getfused has provided the e-commerce for the Patriots during their amazing Super Bowl drives.
  • The Hall at Patriot Place /images/content/thehall2.jpg

    The Hall at Patriot Place

    Getfused was able to create a separate web presence for the Patriots Hall, representing the Patriots brand in conjunction with the unique brand of the Hall.
  • Patriots Mobile /images/content/patmob21.jpg

    Patriots Mobile

    The Patriots were seeing demand for mobile content by fans. The Patriots needed to give their fans what they were looking for on the devices they wanted to receive rich content on.
  • /images/content/patriots2.jpg

    The high-availability nature of requires a scalable application ready to meet the demands of their fan base.


At Getfused, we understand how important it is to convey school-related information such as schedules, bulletins, school closings and more to parents, students and other community members. We can create a digital presence that improves the way you communicate, and is easy for parents and students to get the information they need quickly.


Getfused sites are created with compelling, inviting designs that reflect your brand and are easy to navigate. They are built for high-availability so that they withstand the most demanding conditions. Your customers and fans expect a lot from your organization. With Getfused, you can deliver the online presence that meets both their needs and yours.


We have experience working with many non-profit and charitable organizations. We understand the need to connect quickly to members, volunteers or donors. Our solutions comply with regulatory and accessibility standards, so anyone can easily view your site, and they're scalable and cost effective to maintain, helping you meet your budget requirements.


Your business is about serving your customers. The right digital presence can complement and extend the customer service experience. We will drive your visitors to action areas, such as purchasing gift cards, making dinner, room or spa reservations, subscribing to your newsletter or signing up for special events; contributing to your bottom line.

Insurance & Finance

Getfused helps insurance companies and financial services organizations propel their brand in the digital space. With effective cross selling techniques, we help you communicate with your customers and prospects and increase your customer base within your target market.


Your brand is your promise to your customers. It is imperative that customers can easily find the products as well as your location to make purchases. Because our sites are built for high-availability, they can handle spikes associated with holidays and promotional events.

Towns & Municipalities

When a water main is being replaced, local election results are in, or a trash pickup is rescheduled, your residents want to know. Getfused can help you create an online resource that provides comprehensive, up-to-date information about all aspects of your community- delivered timely.


Getfused helps consulting-based companies attract greater numbers of quality leads by creating compelling, user-centered web sites. By combining SEO practices with effective conversion techniques, we help you attract visitors and turn them into qualified leads.