Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery


The Challenge
Harpoon needed a customized site that would allow not only flexibility when adding content, but also allow them to feature all of their hand crafted beers, events, and festivals while giving followers the ability to find local stores and bars that serve their favorite beers.

The Solution
The Getfused team created a dedicated system with a robust asset manager to accommodate Harpoon’s needs. By using a tagging system, all types of content could easily be added to multiple pages and highlighted in selected areas. They also developed the ‘Beer Finder’ tool which takes the site to the next level with on demand mapping using the Google maps API to give local results for Harpoon retailers nearby with specific Harpoon products served at each location.


With the Beer Database, all Harpoon products now have their own story. You can learn an abundance of things through the site including history of a product, tasting notes, where to find beers locally, and what the latest brewery and tasting events are. You can also share all that you find with your friends though social networks right from the page and access all of Harpoons videos, photos and blog posts easily.