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Raptor Group

In order to reflect Raptor Group’s growth, Getfused restructured their site from its 2011 counterpart and provided an innovative design, pulling their many properties into one robust website.
  • Raptor Group /images/content/Raptor2014-Abstract.jpg

    Raptor Group

    In order to reflect Raptor Group’s growth, Getfused restructured their site from its 2011 counterpart and provided an innovative design, pulling their many properties into one robust website.
  • Miltons /images/content/miltons-2.jpg


    Getfused designed and deployed an e-commerce solution that provided a design that aligned with the brand and in store experience.
  • UFC Fans App by Metro PCS /images/content/UFCFans-abstract.jpg

    UFC Fans App by Metro PCS

    In need of a quick turnaround for a mobile app, the UFC came to Getfused to create the Fans app to engage viewers during a live event. Since then the app has adapted to continue to meet the UFC’s needs.
  • Sonesta Hotels International /images/content/sonesta2.jpg

    Sonesta Hotels International

    Getfused developed a custom content management system that supports over thirty different sites, with each site capable of being displayed in eight languages.
  • Patriots Schedule Predictor Challenge /images/content/PatriotsSchedule-abstract.jpg

    Patriots Schedule Predictor Challenge

    Getfused created a custom app which allowed Patriots fans to enter a contest by easily dragging and dropping their predicted schedule for the 2014 season.
  • Caffe Nero US /images/content/nero-2.jpg

    Caffe Nero US

    Getfused created a social media strategy with on-location photography to help Caffè Nero engage the Boston audience as they made their entrance into the United States.
  • VIP Services /images/content/vip-2.jpg

    VIP Services

    To create a full experience for Patriots premium seating audience, Getfused created their Patriot’s VIP services site to display events and provide a better view of their premium offerings.
  • Preserve /images/content/preserve2.jpg


    Since 1996, Preserve has been on a mission to create stylish eco-friendly products that will change the way consumers interact with common products used every day like toothbrushes.
  • Sisco Berluti /images/content/sb-2.jpg

    Sisco Berluti

    As an up and coming jewelry design company that was beginning to gain traction in the boutique marketplace, Sisco Berluti saw a need for a fully developed digital marketing strategy.
  • Needham Bank /images/content/needham-2.jpg

    Needham Bank

    Since the launch of their new digital presence and the beginning of a new marketing strategy, Needham Bank has experienced unprecedented growth in all areas of business.
  • Rodman Ride for Kids /images/content/Rodman2014-Abstract.png

    Rodman Ride for Kids

    Getfused created a new website which allowed Rodman Ride for Kids them to display the ways that they are helping at-risk children in Massachusetts, and entice people to make a difference.
  • New Balance Intranet /images/content/newbalance-2.jpg

    New Balance Intranet

    In order to create a cohesive experience for their internal processes, New Balance came to Getfused to create a fresh intranet to display their internal branding and engage their employees.
  • Boston Madison Square Garden Club /images/content/bmsg-2-p.jpg

    Boston Madison Square Garden Club

    Getfused developed a customized member portal allowing club members to reserve tickets and make reservations.
  • LoJack Consumer App /images/content/lojack-2.jpg

    LoJack Consumer App

    Getfused created a mobile app for LoJack on iOS and Android which allowed their customers to easily store auto information, locate where they left their car and facilitate a stolen car claim.
  • Preserve Toothbrush Recycling /images/content/Preserve_mid.jpg

    Preserve Toothbrush Recycling

    Getfused advances a key sustainability program by bringing Preserve’s toothbrush recycling program digital.
  • Harpoon Brewery /images/content/harpoon-mid.jpg

    Harpoon Brewery

    On the eve of Octoberfest 2012, Getfused re-launched Harpoon’s website with a new look and focus that embodies their mantra: Love beer. Love life.
  • Acrylic & Glass Exhibits /images/content/age-large.jpg

    Acrylic & Glass Exhibits

    Getfused was able to provide Acrylic & Glass Exhibits with their new web presence, right in time to reveal it at the 2012 Dallas Fort Worth MACNA event
  • Chapel Grille /images/content/chapel-splash.jpg

    Chapel Grille

    Chapel Grille teamed with Getfused to elegantly showcase their Rhode Island restaurant through the digital space.
  • Crowne Plaza Warwick /images/content/crownplaza-splash.jpg

    Crowne Plaza Warwick

    Getfused teamed with the Crowne Plaza hotel in Warwick Rhode Island to build a site that would show off their impressive facilities and unique offerings.
  • Dedham Square Improvement Project /images/content/dedham-square-splash.jpg

    Dedham Square Improvement Project

    Town of Dedham residents and businesses can now check online to see the progress and updates on construction for the Dedham Square Improvement Project.
  • SkipJacks Mobile /images/content/skipjacks-splash.jpg

    SkipJacks Mobile

    Skipjack teamed with Getfused to create a mobile site, allowing customers to access location, menu and reservation information easily to plan their visit while on the go.
  • Patriots Multicast /images/content/gf-pats-2.jpg

    Patriots Multicast

    In preparation for Super Bowl XLVI, Getfused was asked to develop a 5 channel multicast feed interface for See how Getfused is bringing Pats fans closer to media week.
  • MassBio Mobile App & Site /images/content/massbio-mid.jpg

    MassBio Mobile App & Site

    Getfused worked with the Massachusetts’ Biotechnology Council to create an iPhone application and mobile website to bring the best of to mobile users.
  • Boston Private Bank & Trust /images/content/bpbtc-main.jpg

    Boston Private Bank & Trust

    Boston Private Bank & Trust partnered with Getfused to give their clients a better online banking experience while maintaining their renowned service and high-touch, personalized approach.
  • Texterity Mobile /images/content/texterity2.jpg

    Texterity Mobile

    Getfused was able to leverage the GetfusedCMS content management platform and create a mobile website experience that leveraged a majority of their existing website content.
  • Norfolk County /images/content/norfolk-county-splash.jpg

    Norfolk County

    Getfused teamed with Norfolk County to provide residents a fresh, clean, 508b compliant website accessible to anyone looking for County information.
  • Industrial Protection Services /images/content/ips-ipp-splash.jpg

    Industrial Protection Services

    Industrial Protection Services teamed with Getfused to improve their web presence so it would better represent their brand, expertise in the industry, and showcase their products and services.
  • Pinnacle Financial Group /images/content/portfolio-pinnacle-main.jpg

    Pinnacle Financial Group

    Pinnacle Financial Group leveraged GetfusedCMS and marketing expertise to deliver a user friendly, easily managed, SEO friendly website to their clients.
  • /images/content/portfolio-brucelee-com-main.jpg

    Getfused helped take to the next level by moving their website to the GetfusedCMS platform, giving them the ability to post timely content including videos, news and media.
  • Xyience /images/content/xyience-mid-2011.jpg


    In an effort to increase awareness to new sets of audience segments, Xyience was looking to revitalize their current web presence and enhance their digital brand.
  • Catalyst Restaurant /images/content/catalyst-main.jpg

    Catalyst Restaurant

    Catalyst Restaurant leverages Getfused’s deep hospitality expertise to create a dynamic web presence for Chef William Kovel’s new venture.
  • WT Phelan Insurance /images/content/wtph-2.png

    WT Phelan Insurance

    WT Phelan Insurance Agency was looking to redevelop their existing web presence to create a unified presence across the digital space.
  • Shop Legal Sea Foods /images/content/shop-legal-sea-foods-mid.jpg

    Shop Legal Sea Foods

    The newly designed Legal Sea Foods Shop website, offers Legal Sea Foods customers the ability to order their favorite seafood online.
  • UFC Octagon Nation Tour /images/content/UFC-Tour-mid.jpg
  • Legal Sea Foods /images/content/lsf21.jpg

    Legal Sea Foods

    Getfused walked Legal through the process for creating a user-centric site that built upon and extended the Legal Sea Foods brand.
  • Rutherfoord /images/content/Rutherfoord-2.jpg


    Rutherfoord Insurance was looking to increase brand awareness among potential clients and increase awareness of all Rutherfoord service offerings to the existing client base.
  • The Hall at Patriot Place /images/content/thehall2.jpg

    The Hall at Patriot Place

    Getfused was able to create a separate web presence for the Patriots Hall, representing the Patriots brand in conjunction with the unique brand of the Hall.
  • Patriots Proshop /images/content/proshop2.jpg

    Patriots Proshop

    Getfused has provided the e-commerce for the Patriots during their amazing Super Bowl drives.
  • Ron Burton Training Village /images/content/RBTV-2.jpg

    Ron Burton Training Village

    RBTV's new streamlined site now projects a clear message to site visitors and effectively promotes the cause.
  • Make A Wish /images/content/makeawish2.jpg

    Make A Wish

    Getfused walked Make-A-Wish through a user-center, goal driven design process that produced a site that has generated more donations, more volunteers and more referrals.
  • Marsh /images/content/Marsh-mid.jpg


    Working with Getfused’s user experience and marketing team, Marsh was able to determine how to better structure their website to ensure that it was both user and search engine friendly.
  • Harpoon 25th Anniversary Site /images/content/harpoon25-splash.jpg

    Harpoon 25th Anniversary Site

    Getfused helped Harpoon Brewery celebrate 25 years of making delicious, hand-crafted beer by creating a website dedicated to letting fans experience the brand’s history.
  • Big Sister Association of Greater Boston /images/content/bigsister2.jpg

    Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

    Getfused was able to deploy a web presence that helped lower the average wait for a little sister from over five months to two months.
  • UFC Sports Bar /images/content/UFC-Sports-Bar-mid.jpg

    UFC Sports Bar

    The UFC Sports Bars site was designed and developed, allowing UFC fans to find a sports bars nearest them to watch a UFC fight.
  • Crossroads For Kids /images/content/crossroads-splash.jpg

    Crossroads For Kids

    Getfused teamed with Crossroads For Kids to provide their users a fresh, easily accessible and fun site to engage current and past program participants.
  • Bloomberg /images/content/Bloomberg-mid.jpg


    Getfused created an email acquisition campaign through custom landing pages aimed at promoting their new Energy Executive Insider Service.
  • Wall Street Journal /images/content/Wall-Street-Journal-mid.jpg

    Wall Street Journal

    Getfused created banner campaigns promoting the Wall Street Journal mentoring program and newspaper subscriptions.
  • Mass Clean Energy Center /images/content/Mass-CEC-mid.jpg

    Mass Clean Energy Center

    The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's website is now on the GetfusedCMS platform which allows MASSCEC to keep the Getfused-developed site fresh and compelling.
  • Xyience /images/content/xyience21.jpg


    Highlights their extensive range of energy drinks, supplements and apparel.
  • Boston Private Bank & Trust PIAM /images/content/bpb1.jpg

    Boston Private Bank & Trust PIAM

    Getfused developed a site that is a brand extension of Boston Private Bank & Trust Company while focusing on their unique needs and customized solutions.
  • Town of Medfield /images/content/medfield1.jpg

    Town of Medfield

    Getfused developed a dynamic web site which allows the Town of Medfield to provide on-line bill payment...
  • Weston Public Schools /images/content/weston1.jpg

    Weston Public Schools

    Getfused created a new web presence for Weston Public School.
  • ASFE /images/content/asfe2.jpg


    ASFE launched a web presence that maximizes the geoprofession's value in the marketplace by helping its member firms achieve recognized excellence in their business and professional practices.
  • Career Perfect /images/content/Career-Perfect-Mid.jpg

    Career Perfect

    Getfused implemented an intense pre-design plan utilizing valuable Information Architecture and Usability exercises to better identify in detail personas, demographic information, ranking and priority of valuable items and much more.
  • Devils Thumb Ranch /images/content/devils-thumb-ranch-mid.jpg

    Devils Thumb Ranch

    The Devils Thumb Ranch website was designed and developed to showcase the breathtaking experience that Devils Thumb Ranch offers its customers.
  • Bostonian Group /images/content/BostonianGroup-main.jpg

    Bostonian Group

    Getfused provided Bostonian Group with a complete website redesign aimed at increasing awareness of the company’s service offerings and provide differentiation from the competition.
  • Bruce Lee Foundation /images/content/Bruce-Lee-Foundation-mid.jpg

    Bruce Lee Foundation

    Getfused provided the Bruce Lee Foundation with the tools necessary to promote their non-profit organization, helping to increase volunteers, donations and enhance fund raising efforts.
  • SkipJacks /images/content/skipjacks2.jpg


    E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Integration to Open Table and easy management of content were high priorities of the new SkipJacks site.
  • TapouT /images/content/tapout1.jpg


    Develop a site that reflects the brand. That was the goal. When the brand is Tapout, you can throw convention out the window.
  • Burger King UFC MultiCast /images/content/UFC-bk2.jpg

    Burger King UFC MultiCast

    How do you deploy four live feeds simultaneously on the sixth most popular sporting site on the planet during one of their highly successful pay-per-view events?
  • Mixed Martial Arts /images/content/mma2.jpg

    Mixed Martial Arts

    Getfused was challenged with developing a usable site that could economize web page real estate and provide an effective way to display the large amount of content produced by the MMA community.
  • Patriots Mobile /images/content/patmob21.jpg

    Patriots Mobile

    The Patriots were seeing demand for mobile content by fans. The Patriots needed to give their fans what they were looking for on the devices they wanted to receive rich content on.
  • /images/content/patriots2.jpg

    The high-availability nature of requires a scalable application ready to meet the demands of their fan base.
  • Boston Ski & Sports Club /images/content/bssc22.jpg

    Boston Ski & Sports Club

    BSSC was looking for a website that would appeal to a young professional audience, with a chic and hip appearance.


At Getfused, we understand how important it is to convey school-related information such as schedules, bulletins, school closings and more to parents, students and other community members. We can create a digital presence that improves the way you communicate, and is easy for parents and students to get the information they need quickly.


Getfused sites are created with compelling, inviting designs that reflect your brand and are easy to navigate. They are built for high-availability so that they withstand the most demanding conditions. Your customers and fans expect a lot from your organization. With Getfused, you can deliver the online presence that meets both their needs and yours.


We have experience working with many non-profit and charitable organizations. We understand the need to connect quickly to members, volunteers or donors. Our solutions comply with regulatory and accessibility standards, so anyone can easily view your site, and they're scalable and cost effective to maintain, helping you meet your budget requirements.


Your business is about serving your customers. The right digital presence can complement and extend the customer service experience. We will drive your visitors to action areas, such as purchasing gift cards, making dinner, room or spa reservations, subscribing to your newsletter or signing up for special events; contributing to your bottom line.

Insurance & Finance

Getfused helps insurance companies and financial services organizations propel their brand in the digital space. With effective cross selling techniques, we help you communicate with your customers and prospects and increase your customer base within your target market.


Your brand is your promise to your customers. It is imperative that customers can easily find the products as well as your location to make purchases. Because our sites are built for high-availability, they can handle spikes associated with holidays and promotional events.

Towns & Municipalities

When a water main is being replaced, local election results are in, or a trash pickup is rescheduled, your residents want to know. Getfused can help you create an online resource that provides comprehensive, up-to-date information about all aspects of your community- delivered timely.


Getfused helps consulting-based companies attract greater numbers of quality leads by creating compelling, user-centered web sites. By combining SEO practices with effective conversion techniques, we help you attract visitors and turn them into qualified leads.