5 Pieces of Digital Marketing Advice You Can Not Afford to Ignore

Digital Marketing is constantly changing and evolving, with new social media channels popping up all over the place and Google making large algorithm changes that shake the search space.  With this constant change, you can’t afford to not have a baseline digital marketing strategy that serves as the foundation for your marketing efforts.

Here are five (5) pieces of advice you can’t afford to ignore:

1. Create a Content Strategy
Content is the foundation of an overall digital marketing strategy.  With Google’s latest algorithm updates, it has become even more important to have an abundance of strong content in order to rank for relevant and competitive keywords in the search engines.  Content is also what makes your website relevant and enticing for users to link to.  You want inbound links to your site to come organically because you have strong content that people want to share with others, ultimately creating viral awareness and increasing your social relevancy.

2. DO NOT Have a Link Building Strategy
You don’t want to force inbound links, you want them to come naturally.  To do this, it all comes down to content and having a digital marketing strategy in order to get people looking at your content and ultimately linking to it.  If your content can stand on its own and people enjoy it, then they will share it, bookmark your page, add it to their news RSS feed and so on.  Spending time forcing links back to your website probably means that your content isn’t strong or engaging enough.

3. Be Patient
Digital marketing is not an effort that can be started and then stopped in a short time period.  SEO efforts can take months to turn around a return on your initial investment, but over time it will continue to increase.  The last thing you want to do is stop too short, as you may be in a worse spot than where you started.  It’s also important to note that any SEO tactics that are being done for short-term gain will most likely hurt you in the long run.  You need to create a strong foundation and base to continually build off of for long term success. Social and email marketing take time as well. Gaining audiences of fans, followers and subscribers doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time to build quality audiences and then be able to market and communicate with them effectively.

4. Create a Digital Marketing Budget
Digital marketing efforts are a piece of the overall marketing pie, but budget should be set aside specifically to implement your digital efforts.  If hiring resources internally, or outsourcing to a digital marketing firm, it’s important that you find someone who is an expert in the field and has stayed up to date with the latest changes.  As previously mentioned, digital marketing is always changing, and some people and companies may offer a low cost service, but it’s most likely because they are using simple tactics that are no longer valuable.  At that point you’re spending money (even if low cost) for a service that will not drive any results.

5. Many Hands Make Light Work
To do digital marketing right, it takes a number of people who are knowledgeable across one or more areas.  You need members of your internal (or external) team to have different skills sets. For example, you would want one or more people who:
• Are good at content writing
• Have technical knowledge and understanding
• Are creative and can create user-friendly designs
• Know the ins and outs of social media and is able to easily adopt
• Are proficient with creating and distrusting email blasts

To do it right, digital marketing takes time and if you don’t give it enough time by having enough resources, then you won’t see full results.

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