Digital Marketing

Marketing in the digital space demands special attention to strategy, execution, tracking and analysis. Our approach to digital marketing spans across creative and technical, which provides our clients with the integrated strategy they need to succeed. By taking an integrated approach by leverage web, mobile, social and email channels, we keep our clients from playing catch up and instead acting on new opportunities to reach their target audiences.

Reporting and Analysis

Regardless of the industry our clients are in or the analytics platform we’re reviewing; we are able to tell our clients the story of how the execution of their strategy is performing. We strive to translate the depth of data about our client’s efforts across web, mobile, email and social into a clear narrative about what is working well, efforts that may need help and opportunities presented. Regardless of how the strategy is performing, we provide ongoing recommendations to keep our clients on track and forward thinking. Because we have the pleasure of working with clients across so many industries with varying levels of marketing efforts, we have visibility into trends and data across the digital space as a whole.  This allows us to provide our clients with insight not only specific to their industry, but also larger digital trends that may eventually impact them.

Search Engine Marketing

Search is all about intent, and providing the user with the best result for their search term. Our first step to any search (PPC & SEO) strategy is to fully understand our clients’ business, target audience, the intent of those target audiences and their business goals.  This allows us to dive into our research and determine the best approach for the search strategy by leveraging both organic and paid campaigns. Once the strategy has been determined, we can work with other SEO professionals to deploy the strategy or work to execute the strategy on our clients’ behalf.

Social Media

As social media marketing continues to evolve, it can appear difficult to optimize those efforts for the greatest return. However, with or without your brand’s active presence, your customers are talking about their needs and expressing their opinions about your brand. Social media provides brands with an opportunity to enter into constructive conversation with customers, all while building quality leads, brand awareness, and providing convenient customer service. We work with our clients to determine the appropriate strategy to effectively leverage social channels, then work with them to fully execute on that strategy. We work alongside our clients by staying in regular communication, staying up to date on the latest in the organization and finding opportunities and challenges in the company that we can help address better through social media.   


Getfused helps our clients through every stage of their email efforts. The first step is to create a strategy for gaining that email audience, segmenting those audiences into relevant groups for targeted emails and creating a communications schedule. Determining opportunities for relevant trigger based emails can ensure that your individual audience members are receiving the right message at exactly the right time.  Once these items are in place, we assist our clients in the execution of the campaign, and work to create an email design that is optimized across different devices.

Media Creation

Content creation can be one of the toughest parts of launching a website and executing a marketing plan and is often the most critical to a successful website and marketing campaign. Video has quickly become the leading content type across nearly all digital platforms so we work with our clients to create videos that meet their marketing, branding and internal training needs. We typically recommend that our clients have unique photography rather than leveraging stock photos to portray their brand, so work with our clients to create those photos, whether for employee headshots, brand imagery or photography to be leveraged for a marketing campaign.

Display Advertising

Display advertising can be a great medium to generate brand awareness and through retargeting tactics, keep your brand top of mind with website visitors.  We work with our clients to create a strategy that leverages display advertising in a way that makes sense for their offering, target audiences and ultimate goals. From there we will work with them to execute the strategy, from setup to ad creative to ongoing monitoring and optimization.